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Trump Nicknames

Updated: 10/30/2017

Agent Orange
America’s Burst Appendix
America’s Least Wanted
Angry Creamsicle
Baron, John
Barron, John
Birther in Chief, The
Bouffant Bullshitter, The
Butternut Turd, The
Cheeto Jesus
Captain Combover
Combover Kid, The
Con Hair
Count Dreckula
Dainty Digits Donnie
Darth Trumpus
Deplorable Don
Der Gropenführer
Donito Mussolini
Donnie Shortfingers
Dotard, The
Failed QVC Steak Salesman, The
Fearful Earful, The
Forrest Trump
Fuckface von Clownstick
Genghis Don
Gilded Ape, The
Golden Wrecking Ball, The
Great Whore of Babble-On, The
Groper, The
Hair Force One
Hair Führer
Hair Helmet, The
Hair Hitler
Hillary’s Donor
King Leer
Knucklehead, The
Largemouth Ass, The
Lemur-Coiffed President Slack-Jowl McQuivergut
Lord Voldemort
Manhattan Mussolini, The
Melania’s Mealticket
Most Fabulous Whiner, The
Orange Julius
Orange Supremacist, The
Pepe’s Pimp
Populism’s Idiot Stepchild
Porcine Populist, The
President Caps Lock
President Combover
President Drunken Uncle
pResident Evil
President Footbullet
President Gaslight
President Gerbilfingers
President Joffrey
President Kook
President Meat Puppet
President Moron
President Punchline
President Spray Tan
President Toot-Toot the Truck Driver
President Tweetsalot
President Verbal Dysentery
Prima Donald
Pumpkin Hitler
Pussy Grabber in Chief
Putin’s Bae
Putin’s Puppet
Raccoon, The
Screaming Carrot Demon, The
Shit Gibbon, The
Shit Midas
Short-Fingered Vulgarian, The
Super Callous Fragile Ego Extra Braggadocious
Talking Middle Finger, The
Talking Yam, The
Tangerine Tornado, The
The Donald
The Orange Blob
Tiny Hands Trump
Troll King, The
Trump of Doom, The
Trumpster Fire, The
Trumpty Dumpty
Umber Emperor, The
Vanilla ISIS
Vladimir’s BFF
Vladimir’s Bitch
Walking Mullet, The
White Kanye, The
Wig Whisperer, The