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More evidence of Spongebob’s manliness

Long ago, I gathered evidence proving that Spongebob Squarepants is an indisputably heterosexual stud among studs. Well, more proof keeps bubbling to the surface. Steve Price caught this rare photograph and e-mailed it to me the other day: Anybody who jams with AC/DC is chock full of testosterone!

Laura Ingraham thumps James Carville

It’s always fun to watch James Carville come out on the losing end of a collision with facts. This time, Laura Ingraham administers the thrashing when the Today Show’s David Gregory quizzes Carville and Ingraham about the Bush Administration’s honesty on the war in Iraq.

Spoof of “Kokomo”

Ever wondered what happened to all those peacekeeping NATO troops in the Balkans? They’re still over there, and they’re obviously bored. Hat tip: Argghhh!

Ah, destruction

Ever wanted to see an industrial shredder eat a couch? Or a washing machine? Maybe a bunch of car bumpers? How about a whole boat? Hey, no problemo … can do.

Main battle tank video: Merkava 4

Here’s a kick-butt advertising clip from Israel circa 2002, hawking the Merkava tank. Reminds me of the jihadi rifleman’s nightmare. Even this Coastie’s impresseed. Hat tip: Target Centermass

Now that’s what I call a landing

As if skydiving itself isn’t wild enough. Hat tip: Backcountry Conservative

Hose him down

If you like things that go boom, you’ll be impressed by this footage of helicopter miniguns in action. Hat tip: Argghhh!

SpongeBob SquarePants is a manly sponge

Can we all stop fussing over SpongeBob SquarePants and his alleged dalliances with Patrick the Starfish or other male toons, please? He’s a manly sponge, and definitely not gay. If you have further photoshopped evidence of this, please send it my way (me at brainshavings dot com) and I’ll post it here.

CG Clips

Leave it to a Coast Guard cook to make better recruiting videos than the Coast Guard itself can. He’s posting them at CG Clips. Way to go, Jimmy Z! Hat tip: Brown Hound

Latest tsunami video & news

If you’re looking for video, your one-stop shop is still the video page at Cheese & Crackers. If you’re looking for news, go see what Arthur Chrenkoff has pulled together. He’s got one heck of a round-up. As before, please help in whatever way you can: — UPDATE: Chrenkoff has Wednesday’s tsunami news round-up posted. […]

More tsunami video footage

Rather than constantly updating my last tsunami video post, I’ll just point you right to the latest clips hosted by Cheese & Crackers. Even some Kenyans caught it on video, tossing their fishing boats like bathtub toys. As before, please help in whatever way you can: UPDATE: Incredible footage from Aceh, Indonesia, where the wave […]

Home video of tsunami

Videos of the tsunami arriving in Thailand: here and here. Please help in whatever way you can: Hat tip: Power Line — UPDATE: Video from a resort in Sri Lanka. UPDATE 2: Reader Wes Roth points out more tsunami videos here, hosted by Cheese & Crackers. This is the place online for video of the […]

Raw combat footage from Fallujah

Geoffrey Huntley’s got it. My thanks for the tip go out to John over at Argghhh!

American crimes in Iraq

Alas, the quagmire that is Iraq threatens to swallow arrogant America whole. Woe is us. We’re doomed … doomed, I say! Happy to hear a Western kufr who’s sorry about his government’s foolish adventure in a sovreign country overseas? Rejoice, noble warriors. Now that you’re here, my dear Yahoo and Google searchers from the Middle […]

If it’s not close …

… they can’t cheat. Who am I talking about? The Democrats, of course. Hugh Hewitt was right.

Breaking news from Tikrit

A British reporter scoops the competition by interviewing leading Baathists near Tikrit. Hat tip: The Dark Citadel

Muslim death cultists aren’t subhuman

Again with the beheadings. Today the Islamists have sawn off the head of Jack Hensley of Marietta, Georgia. Yesterday they sawed off the head of Eugene Armstrong of Hillsdale, Michigan. I’m not surprised. Hopefully we’ll preserve our collective outrage over this, but I suspect this kind of thing’s already becoming blas&#233 in our jaded and […]

Is Wassef Ali Hassoun dead or not?

Now there are claims from the terrorists that Marine Cpl. Wassef Ali Hassoun is alive and has either been released or moved somewhere “safe.” What gives? — UPDATE: Reports indicate Cpl. Wassoun has reportedly been freed, is in Lebanon, and has called the U.S. Embassy there asking to be picked up.

Matt Maupin has been murdered

I was out on the road when I heard the news. My fellow Ohioan, Army Specialist Matt Maupin, has been murdered by his captors in Iraq. Bastards. Jeff over at Backcountry Conservative is doing a great job of keeping the story alive, despite the apparent indifference of many in the media.

Add Paul Johnson to the roster of the murdered

The Religion of Peace™ has done it again. Al Qaeda militants beheaded an American engineer it had held hostage since last week, Al Arabiya television reported on Friday. The network was quoting its correspondent in Saudi Arabia and gave no further details. Al-qaeda had given the Saudi government a Friday deadline to free jailed militants […]