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Muslim death cultists are not subhuman

Again with the beheadings. Two British muslims ran over a British soldier, Lee Rigby, with their car in broad daylight, hopped out, and beheaded him. Then they crowed about it on camera. I’m not surprised. Hopefully we’ll preserve our collective outrage over this, but I suspect this kind of thing’s already becoming blas&#233 in our […]

Congratulations, Obama supporters

The reins are in your hands now. Kindest regards, et cetera.

Build the wall first

I’ve been keeping quiet on the illegal immigration debate, because I know I’m likely to get hot under the collar and write something I’ll regret later. Both of my parents are naturalized citizens, as are my uncles and aunts, and as were my grandparents. As a child of legal immigrants, I’m quite anti-illegal-alien in my […]

It’s time for cyberwar

I’ve read through the National Security Strategy for 2006 released last Friday by the White House, and overall it’s a hardheaded and realistic approach to dealing with current and future enemies. However, I think they missed something: aggressively conducting cyber warfare against jihadi web sites and bulletin boards. For years now it’s been common knowledge […]

Those modern Jordanians

Athena, an American blogger studying in Jordan, gives a chilling example of the deep cultural roots of honor killings. Today I was visiting the Center for Strategic Studies at the University of Jordan and my roommate, we´┐Żll call here Sally, went with me because she had to meet with the same professor as I. She […]

Too late for terror to derail Bush

There’s just one week to go. Lately there’s been speculation about whether a terror attack might occur on American soil before Election Day, and if so, what effect it might have on the outcome of the presidential election. I’ve been mulling this over and I think it’s too late for any attack here to hurt […]

I’ll be blunt

If you vote for John Kerry, you are inviting Islamists to do this here.

Roundup: Beslan school massacre

I have nothing new or unique to offer on the Beslan school massacre perpetrated by Islamists in Russia, other than my condolences and prayers (for comfort to the victims and neverending torment for the terrorists). Instead, I’ll just point you toward the best stuff I’ve found. Michelle Malkin gathers key analyses of Russia’s 9/11. So […]

Your pension system might be funding terrorist-sponsoring states. Frank Gaffney has spearheaded a new project called which uncovers companies and pension funds that do business with states that sponsor terrorism: is a nationwide campaign aimed at some 400 public companies worldwide that are providing revenues, technology and moral cover to governments that sponsor […]

US Olympians breathe a little easier

American Special Forces (Delta, for sure) will be at the Olympics in Athens, Greece this summer … and they’ll be carrying their own weapons. It’s highly unusual for any country to permit armed foreign troops on its soil. Sounds like the Greeks have tacitly admitted the inadequacy of their own security measures. Hat tip: Drudge

Should I stay or should I go?

On Thursday the State Department told Americans in Saudi Arabia to get the heck out of Dodge: The Department of State continues to warn U.S. citizens to defer travel to Saudi Arabia. Private American citizens currently in Saudi Arabia are strongly urged to depart. On April 14, 2004, due to security concerns, the Department of […]

Islamist terror caused by sexual abuse: Chesler

An article by Phyllis Chesler looks at Islamist terrorism and the Arab world’s dysfunction, and lays the blame on a culture she says is secretly built on older males’ widespread physical and sexual abuse of boys, girls and women. The book on which she bases her article is not yet publicly available. I’m inclined to […]

Damra sez: “The Feds wuz too scawwy!”

The Cleveland Plain Dealer reports that Fawaz Damra, Cleveland’s favorite alleged terrorist, is trying to get a federal judge to toss a computer, eleven videotapes and several documents seized from his home when the feds showed up to cuff ‘n stuff him on immigration violations awhile back. Damra’s wife says she was scared when she […]

VDH: “No more passes and excuses for the Middle East”

Victor Davis Hanson is dead on-target with “The Mirror of Fallujah“, his brutally honest take on the mess that is the Arab/Muslim world: Rather the global village is beginning to see that the violence of the Middle East is not aberrant, but logical. Its misery is not a result of exploitation or colonialism, but self-induced. […]