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Iraq election coverage

Friends of Democracy will be rounding up news of the election in Iraq on Sunday. Click on the banner below to get up to speed. This post will stay at the top o’ the blog through early Sunday evening. — UPDATE: Give Live in Baghdad a look, too. It’s a blog run by Ayad Rahim, […]

Northern Alliance’s dirty laundry aired at last

Turn up your speakers, and may the Force be with you.

What’s freedom worth to you?

Read this essay by an Air Force member who applied for conscientious objector status, then rescinded it the day after the Marine barracks was bombed in Beirut. Then ask yourself whether you can spare five bucks to help Iraqis keep their freedom.

Hey, a homemade movie

The Patriette explains why folks of all political persuasions can support the Spirit of America fundraiser to benefit the people of Iraq … and she even throws in a homemade video clip to drive her point home.

‘Twas the Night Before Blogathon

Bloodspite over at Techography does a clever cover of a famous Christmas poem to point out a few of the many bloggers raising funds to help Iraqis (and by extension, our deployed troops). Why not part with five bucks and do something more concrete than putting a yellow magnet on the trunk of your car?

What does your contribution do?

So what exactly is it that your contribution to the Spirit of America fundraiser will buy? Here are but a few examples of their ongoing projects: Help re-equip Iraqi Universities and Technical Colleges Buy Library books for Iraqi children Support viral freedom by supplying Arabic blogging tools Fund the operations of Sissy’s Sewing Circle Visit […]

Donated shoes win hearts

Sgt Hook, just back from Afghanistan, recalls an example of American civilian generosity that put shoes on Afghan children’s feet and made their families into friends of America. If you’ve got a few bucks you can spare instead of buying that six-pack or renting that movie, you can really do some good in Iraq too.

Well said

There’s a reason why the name “Sherman” still raises hackles in the South. Eric at Straight White Guy offers some perspective on the hellishness of war, and suggests a concrete way for you to do more than put a yellow magnet on the trunk of your car. As a side note, if Sherman’s march through […]

Save a defenseless kitten

She Who Will Be Obeyed rides to the rescue of endangered kittens everywhere … or at least in the northern midwest states.

Power Line supports Spirit of America

The 400-pound gorillas of the blogosphere over at Power Line support Spirit of America … but I’ll let you in on a secret. The best link to use if you’d like to donate a buck or two is here. Oh and by the way:

In praise of Roger L. Simon

There’s a blogger named Roger L. Simon whose site you should visit often. Why? Because his writing makes your brain cells multiply, your wrinkles smooth out, and your gray hair dark. Roger L. Simon may soon be recognized as the blogosphere’s Best Essayist of 2004, an award he clearly deserves. After all, Roger L. Simon […]

As if blending puppies wasn’t enough

Is there no depth to which a certain well-known blogger won’t sink in an effort to pad the donation totals for the dastardly Northern Alliance? Leave the cute fuzzy kittens out of this, you scoundrels! Save the kittens and donate here.

Blogger Challenge, Day 3

Ben’s World hosts today’s Friends of Iraq fundraising effort. Go check out Operation Cowbell, and toss a little loose chage in the kettle.

Friends of Iraq Blogger Challenge

In the spirit of Christmas, I bring you an opportunity to help a charity that both Left and Right can support, as described by Dean Esmay:

Operation Holiday Spirit

Here’s something we can all agree on. Let’s send some Christmas cheer to the troops fighting to defend us! Soldiers’ Angels is running Operation Holiday Spirit, and you can help. Just click on the image below. You can either make a donation or send a stocking and a phone card yourself. Go and do your […]