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Get ’em what they need!

OpinionJournal reports that our troops aren’t getting the armor they need to survive. Sounds like a job for the MilBlogs and Spirit of America. Any takers?

Now THAT is teamwork!

Go check out just how many blogs contributed to the Spirit of America fundraiser. I’m delighted!

The fundraising push is over

Here’s the Spirit of America wrap-up. Bravo Zulu to those who hustled for funds, and especially to all who donated. Ya done good.

Get yer swag here! Time’s running out!

Current Offers Collectables How would you like to own a signed copy of this Day by Day© strip? Click on the strip to go to the auction page. This is a serious collectors item. Update: Chris has thrown in this extra for the winner – pick ANY other single toon from the archive and he’ll […]

Why Spirit of America?

Wondering why so many bloggers are frantically raising money for the Spirit of America organization? Here’s why.

Spirit Of America Update #5

The three competing teams have put aside their good-natured one-upmanship and joined forces (and merged their super cool auctions) to push our combined donations over the $50,000 mark. The deadline’s been extended by one day. As of this posting, we only need $6,422.17 to get there. Go. Give. Help our troops!

Spirit Of America Update #4

  So you say you need crass, materialistic enticements to get you to give to the cause? Never let it be said that we Fighting Fusileers won’t stoop to luring you with filthy lucre! Here’s your fix, you swag junkie. You know you need it … Sondra is offering up a genuine Baath Party Notecard […]

Spirit Of America Update #3

Our troops need your help to win the support of everyday Iraqis and stick it to the Islamofascist nutcakes. We’ve only raised $14,322.49 so far, and the fundraising drive isn’t over until 12:01 AM Pacific time on Thursday, April 29. Fourteen grand can’t beat the enemy! What’re you just sittin’ there for, Your Royal Laziness?? […]

More propaganda

Wait a second. “Join the VC“??? Something’s fishy here.

Roger, Fusileer 6 … firing for effect!

The Heroes of the Blogosphere Challenge to raise funds for Spirit of America’s efforts to support our troops is heating up. Since Fusileer 6 (a.k.a. John of Castle Argghhh!) just turned loose one of my propaganda leaflets on Esmay’s Echelons of Eeeeeeeevil … … I’d better load my shells with the next broadsheet o’ lies […]

You may fire when ready, Gridley.

As of a minute past midnight (Pacific Time) this morning, the Heroes of the Blogosphere Challenge is on! Open those wallets and help our troops win the war of ideas in Iraq! 100% of your tax-deductible donation (net of credit card or Paypal fees) will be used to fulfill requests like these that Spirit of […]

Spirit Of America Update #2

Take the fight to the craven, cowardly enemy (I hear they wear bloomers!) by clicking on the poster above! Onward, Fusileers! — UPDATE: For those who are wondering, the painting in the center of the poster is “DOUGLAS A. MUNRO COVERS THE WITHDRAWAL OF THE 7th MARINES AT GUADALCANAL” by Bernard D’Andrea.

Spirit Of America Update

John of Castle Argghhh! reports that the Spirit Of America blogosphere fundraising campaign starts on Wednesday. Don’t forget to donate!

Puttin’ the smack down on Al-Jazeera

John of Castle Argghhh! is looking for a few good folks to help him raise money so our Marines can build TV stations in Iraq. Somebody has to counter Al-Jazeera’s venom, and we’re just the people to do it. Why are you still here? Go and donate!