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When you see the calamity coming …

… but you’re led by narcissistic cowards, what do you do? You find your Churchill or your Reagan. Fast.

Wargames as preparation for invasion?

Fascinating speculation about joint Russian/Chinese wargames in North Korea’s back yard. Keep an eye on the Far East.

Communism means never having to say you’re sorry

Time for a momentary diversion. Here’s an old (by Internet standards) essay by Mart Laar, a former Estonian Prime Minister. If you think the Baltic countries of Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania might someday get an apology from Russia or from former communists for all that the Baltic countries suffered at the hands of the USSR, […]

Roundup: Beslan school massacre

I have nothing new or unique to offer on the Beslan school massacre perpetrated by Islamists in Russia, other than my condolences and prayers (for comfort to the victims and neverending torment for the terrorists). Instead, I’ll just point you toward the best stuff I’ve found. Michelle Malkin gathers key analyses of Russia’s 9/11. So […]

Let the Russians whine

London’s Independent reports that Estonia has dismissed a Russian schoolteacher who refused to learn the language of his new country: Estonia intensified its controversial campaign to dilute the influence of Russia, its former colonial master, yesterday by firing a prominent Russian-speaking teacher for his failure to master Estonian. Ah, the other lefty newsrag in London […]