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Reporter to Strickland: “Are you gay or not?”

Watch Ted Strickland’s answer. It’s awfully long-winded, and it isn’t a “no.”

Eminent domain abuse in Norwood, OH

George Will highlights another clear example of eminent domain abuse in his latest Newsweek column. A few key paragraphs: The Gambles say that when the city offered them money for their house, they were not interested. “We had everything we wanted, right there,” says Joy, who does not drive but could walk to see her […]

Ohio eminent domain task force misses the point

The Ohio task force on eminent domain has released its preliminary report, and it’s missed the most important point of the exercise. I’m not interested in a fairer procedure for the government to use as it takes my home. I’m not interested in a clearer definition of “blight” that spells out exactly when the government […]

Carnival of Ohio Politics #18

Newshound has the latest round-up of blog posts covering Ohio politics. Well worth the read!

Painting Ohio’s 13th District a nice deep red

Tell Hugh Hewitt I did my duty. I gave a copy of this … … to Congressional candidate Paul Burtzlaff last night. He’s running for the open seat in Ohio’s 13th Congressional District, which was vacated this year by Sherrod Brown. A conservative Republican, Burtzlaff is a former Navy chaplain who’s now a Lutheran pastor […]

Mike DeWine, Sherrod Brown, or a rusty fork to the eyeball? I’m torn.

In the recent past I’ve advocated support for Bill Pierce, a conservative challenger to incumbent U.S. Senator Mike DeWine. Well, chalk that up to stupid idealism. Pierce is roadkill in the May 2nd Republican primary, based on the results of the latest poll by the Columbus Dispatch, which has DeWine in front with 61% to […]

Any questions for Jim Petro?

I intend to be there when the gang from Meet The Bloggers sits down with Jim Petro on Thursday. What questions would you like me to ask him? Update: one very nasty cold put the brakes on my ambitions. Oh well.

Meet The Bloggers (March 23rd)

The next Meet The Bloggers get-together is scheduled for this Thursday with none other than Jim Petro, one of two Republican candidates for Ohio Governor. Catch it at Talkies Coffee in Cleveland at 2:00 PM if you can!

Where’s the text of the TEL Amendment?

Call me stupid, but I can’t find a copy of Ken Blackwell‘s proposed Tax Expenditure Limitation (TEL) Amendment to the Ohio Constitution. Who knows where I can get a copy online? — Update: Here it is (just scroll to the middle of the page). My thanks to Matt Naugle, who’s Ken Blackwell’s blogger and also […]

Carnival of Ohio Politics #14

Newshound has posted the latest Carnival of Ohio Politics.

Buzzards return to Hinckley

Here in Northeast Ohio, Spring has sprung.

Pardon my absence

I’ve been working on a little something in preparation for this year’s gubernatorial and senatorial races. I’ll be back to regular blogging soon.

A lonely Democrat voice

Democracy Guy gets it (sort of): There may, in fact, be some mystery anti-gay neanderthal electorate that abracadabra showed up at the polls who otherwise would have not, but it certainly was small, indeed would have been dwarfed by the higher turnout in general, and simply would not have affected the election to the tune […]

Stadium Mustard

Trust me, Hugh. This … … is the real Stadium Mustard of your youth. No self-respecting Clevelander would put anything else on a hot dog or a brat.

Leftist newspaper vandal caught on camera

 Welcome, Hugh Hewitt readers! Make yourselves at home. Take a good, close look at this champion of intellectual diversity: She’s cleaning out a newspaper rack full of the latest issue of The Sentinel and dumping the papers in the trash. The Sentinel is Ohio State University’s student conservative newspaper, and its fine writing obviously continues […]

Suburbanite applauds inner-city gun ban

A resident of the suburbs surrounding Columbus, Ohio wrote a letter to the Columbus Dispatch supporting a proposed citywide ban on semi-automatic weapons, but not for the reason you might think.

More anti-terror raids in Cleveland

This past Saturday, the feds raided a mosque and a CPA’s office here in Cleveland:

You call that “cold”?

A certain blogger in the Carolinas is remarking on the frigid temperatures down there, where it actually dropped below freezing. Awwww, poor guy.

Passenger jets and missiles don’t mix

Yesterday, we heard about Nicaragua’s problems with maintaining control of its shoulder-fired surface-to-air missiles. Today as I was driving, I heard on WTAM that several communities near Hopkins Airport in Cleveland have complained so bitterly about jet noise that the government has responded with a web site … where you can track passenger jets. That’s […]

Bleak surroundings = good blogging?

Chad The Elder at Fraters Libertas wonders if the climate, coupled with the local media’s blatant liberal bias and poor writing skills, might explain the bounty of good center-right bloggers in the Minneapolis/St Paul area. He also wonders if boredom might be involved. Now if Chad’s hypothesis is true, there must be several promising center-right […]