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Would George Washington call out the National Guard against the Tea Party?

Progressive Twitter gadfly and public employee union fan Brian Higgins seems to think so: First, refresh your memory about the Whiskey Rebellion: President George Washington issued a congressionally authorized proclamation ordering the rebels [resisting federal whiskey taxes in western Pennsylvania] to return home and calling for militia from four neighbouring states. After fruitless negotiations, Washington […]

More TANG documents coming?

The Washington Post reports that new Texas Air National Guard documents concerning President Bush’s flight physical might come to light soon, this time released by the White House. White House press secretary Scott McClellan hinted that more documents regarding Bush’s National Guard service may soon be released. Asked whether officials in the White House have […] is your one-stop shop for news about self-immolating network anchors.  "It’s just a flesh wound!CBS stands by its story." Hat tip: Wizbang

Forgery funnies

Right Wing News has “The Memo George Bush Doesn’t Want You To See” The Commissar has proof that Kerry was in Cambodia. ScrappleFace unearths more evidence of Bush perfidy. Wizbang cribs a photoshopped Dan Rather from Minion of the Great Satan (for the original Baghdad Bob … a.k.a. “Comical Ali” … see here). Also see […]

Dan Rather chooses scorched earth

CBS and Dan Rather stand by their crumbling story, while Captain’s Quarters recaps the latest developments in the CBS forged memos scandal, and includes a handy 9-point list of discrepancies in the documents. It ain’t all in the superscript, folks. Meanwhile Power Line gathers several mainstream media stories to paint a picture of Gunga Dan […]

When you’re in a hole, Dan …

… stop digging. I’ve just gotta laugh.

Can they really be that stupid?

Captain Ed, the skipper at Captain’s Quarters, comments on a story from The Washington Prowler which supposedly alleges that 60 Minutes got the faked Killian memos from the Kerry campaign. I say “supposedly” because at the moment the Prowler page is inaccessible. From Captain Ed: But the Kerry campaign has it even worse. Thanks to […]

Gerry Canavan says he’ll eat his hat …

… if the CBS memos have been forged, and I’m going to hold him to it.

Who forged the Killian memos?

Wizbang asks “whodunnit“? The Commisar has a candidate. — UPDATE: Michelle Malkin thinks journalists’ obligation to protect anonymous sources ought to evaporate if the sources lie.

Let the lefty moonbattery begin

Atrios never met a strawman he didn’t like, Josh Marshall goes on a superscript “th” hunt, Kevin Drum takes CBS at its word (then hedges), and Kos thinks that the “memos” must be real because the White House simply gave reporters copies of what it received from 60 Minutes. Even more hilariously, the commenters on […]

Feel free to put a sock in it

The Kerry Krew just fired two more dud rounds against President Bush this week, and they sound something like this: “Bush was AWOL from the Texas Air National Guard” (gee, that’s original) and “Bush snorted cocaine at Camp David.” Too bad he earned every point in every year to meet his TANG service obligations, and […]

Swift Boat Veterans for Truth ram Kerry’s foundering campaign

The swifties have obviously read their Sun Tzu, and are applying maximum force to their opponent’s weakest point. First, go watch this ad. Then, read the script. Next, read a free chapter from “Unfit For Command“, a new book recounting the observations of Kerry’s comrades in arms from Vietnam. Follow it up with a look […]