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Austin Kasso confesses to robbery threat

That didn’t take long. Austin Kasso posted robbery threats (here, here, and here) against Memories Pizza, then deleted them when confronted and denied everything, then claimed he was hacked, then threatened to sue (here, here, and here). After a day of frantic activity, he has finally admitted the obvious. Austin Kasso threatened to rob Memories […]

Stolen Honor: where to see it

The Democratic National Committee is trying to get the FEC to stomp on Sinclair Broadcasting because the company plans to broadcast the documentary Stolen Honor, which highlights John Kerry’s activities after he left Vietnam and joined the anti-American “peace” movement. The Democrats won’t try to refute it, because they can’t. I own two copies, and […]

Anticipating the next massacre

Froggy Ruminations thinks our SWAT/FBI capabilities need some serious upgrades, and immunity from lawsuits to boot. Otherwise, says the former SEAL, we’ll have a Beslan massacre here. J. Tea of Wizbang thinks the Islamists will hit a U.S. hospital soon in an effort to outdo their own spectacular savagery in the Beslan school. Oh, Lord […]

Blowback from the Swiftie “Kerry lied” ad

The swift boat vets lit the fuse, and the detonation continues. When you hear lefties whining about the evil, shadowy right-wing cabals who fund the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth, remember that the whiners are the ones who pioneered this trick. Discount their protests accordingly … and thank John McCain, Russ Feingold, Chris Shays, and […]

Off-The-Air America

The libs’ network has appartently bounced a check, causing WNTD and KBLA to pull the plug on the network’s broadcast, according to Drudge. Here’s what Off-The-Air America says in response to being yanked from two of its 9 stations: Statement Regarding WNTD in Chicago and KBLA in Los Angeles Statement of Evan Cohen, Chairman of […]

CAIR sues Anti-CAIR

Hat tip: Rantburg CAIR Files Lawsuit Against Anti-CAIR Founder (press release): On March, 31, 2004, the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) filed suit in the City of Virginia Beach, VA against Andrew Whitehead, one of the founders of Anti-Council on American Islamic Relations (ACAIR). In the lawsuit, CAIR is suing for libel and has […]