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There are none so blind as those who will not see

Mark Steyn’s latest column on Iraq points out the blind insanity of the Democratic Party’s cut-and-run “war strategy.” Some good bits: Sen. Joe Lieberman, Democrat of Connecticut, came out with a big statement on Iraq last week. Did you hear about it? Probably not. Everyone was still raving about his Democrat colleague, Rep. Jack Murtha, […]

OK, allow me one lil’ gloat

Click the red button at the top of The Dissident Frogman‘s blog. The one on the map. Because you should never, ever push the one on the upper left.

Purple America

Robert J. Vanderbei at Princeton takes the red state / blue state meme to a much more informative level, using shades of purple on a county-by-county map to show the results of this election. On another map, he even added false mountains to designate areas with higher population. What a great way to clearly convey […]

Finally, a respite

President Bush won re-election. Senator Kerry will graciously deliver his concession speech in about an hour (thank you, Senator). I saw record turnout where I served as an observer, but only one minor instance of absentee ballot fraud. The economy’s improving. The war on islamism is turning the corner, and there were no terror attacks […]

Brief update from the trenches

Today I attended a three-hour training session for Republican election observers in NE Ohio. We hailed from Cuyahoga, Lorain, and Erie Counties (see map), and this was just one of three training sessions taking place today in NE Ohio alone. Although I won’t reveal any strategy or data that Democrats might find useful, I do […]

Why libertarians must vote for Bush

In a sequel to my admonition to Democrats, today I take on libertarians. Here’s the text of an e-mail that my very libertarian Dad sent me last week. From: Dad Sent: Monday, October 18, 2004 5:45 PM To: Puddle Pirate Subject: FW: Patrick Buchanan Endorses Bush This is truly depressing reading, almost as depressing as […]

Too late for terror to derail Bush

There’s just one week to go. Lately there’s been speculation about whether a terror attack might occur on American soil before Election Day, and if so, what effect it might have on the outcome of the presidential election. I’ve been mulling this over and I think it’s too late for any attack here to hurt […]

Kerry the Diplomat? Uh, no.

The Washington Times reports the results of an investigation into John Kerry’s repeated claims that he met with all the members on the UN Security Council during the run-up to the war in Iraq: After conversations with ambassadors from five members of the Security Council in 2002 and calls to all the missions of the […]

Mark Steyn is sick of the election …

… but he’s hoping he doesn’t end up in a Canadian hospital.

Pull your head out

In the spirit of animal-themed campaign ads, and in response to John Kerry’s ostrich ad, I offer my own small contribution to the fight against leftist naivete and silliness: Now go and be stupid no more.

Saved by ceramic

The Questing Cat has a combat medic story that’ll bring the war in Iraq home to you. Thank God for Interceptor body armor. Check out this story on prototype armor too. Hat tip: Mudville Gazette

New radio ads, old debate audio

This is a four-alarm spew alert. You’ve been warned.

What Kerry really stands for

Enjoy the John Kerry Interpretive Campaign web page. Hat tip: Wizbang!

The Hip-Hop Debate

The money walk earned my vote.


Rich Lowry at The Corner says the GOP is readying a new TV ad similar to the famous “Bear In The Woods” Reagan spot, this time with wolves instead of a grizzly. Look out, appeasement lobby. — UPDATE: Wow. Here’s the narration: In an increasingly dangerous world … Even after the first terrorist attack on […]

Conservative media boosts Stolen Honor

The New York Times, a right-wing propaganda rag, gave a somewhat positive review to Stolen Honor. A sample: “Stolen Honor: Wounds That Never Heal,” the highly contested anti-Kerry documentary, should not be shown by the Sinclair Broadcast Group. It should be shown in its entirety on all the networks, cable stations and on public television. […]


The Guardian newspaper’s Clark County project has gone awry. Who’d have thought the dimwitted Colonials in Ohio would react so negatively? Please, you ridiculous British busybodies, do it again. We need more Bush votes in Ohio. Now if only we can get John Kerry to speak French on the stump … — UPDATE: Mark Steyn […]

Why Democrats must vote for Bush

My Democrat friends, you face a stark choice. One issue trumps all the rest this year: George Bush is serious about winning the war on radical Islam, and John Kerry isn’t. That’s really all there is to it. European approval doesn’t matter if you’re dead. Abortion rights don’t matter if you’re dead. Restarting the Israeli/Palestinian […]

Kerry’s bigot-baiting backfires

John Kerry’s nasty comment about Mary Cheney keeps on biting him in the butt.

I’m optimistic about Bush’s prospects

The guys at Power Line read the tea leaves and conclude that Bush is winning (and they don’t buy the lastest Gallup poll results, either). RealClearPolitics has been constantly tracking all the major polls and averaging them, which when displayed on a handy chart reinforces the Bush-is-winning point. Outside The Beltway looks at all the […]