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Krauthammer: build a wall first

Charles Krauthammer’s latest column makes the same major point as many of us on the center-right side of immigration politics: My proposition is this: A vast number of Americans who oppose legalization and fear new waves of immigration would change their minds if we could radically reduce new — i.e., future — illegal immigration. Forget […]

Call it what it is: amnesty

Michelle Malkin’s latest roundup on the Republican Senate’s immigration wuss-a-palooza says it all. I also like this handy visual retort to the open borders crowd: © 2005 Jay D. Dyson(click image to enlarge) As I said yesterday, build a wall first and deal with the rest later. I’ll let Michelle rip the amnesty deal for […]

Build the wall first

I’ve been keeping quiet on the illegal immigration debate, because I know I’m likely to get hot under the collar and write something I’ll regret later. Both of my parents are naturalized citizens, as are my uncles and aunts, and as were my grandparents. As a child of legal immigrants, I’m quite anti-illegal-alien in my […]

Washington, get these folks some help

How can our Border Patrol agents secure our increasingly violent frontiers with less funding? They sure can’t look to the Army or Marine Corps for help. Well, at least we can be happy that Congressman Chris Cannon’s no longer on the House Subcommittee on Immigration, so that’s one less open borders fan gumming up the […]

Dirty bomb in Boston?

Get everything you need to know about the possible dirty bomb threat in Boston at The Counterterrorism Blog. Hat tip: Powerpundit — UPDATE: Michelle Malkin’s all over it … especially the illegal immigration angle. Could this be a head fake? I mean, are the terrorists drawing our attention to Boston while the real target is […]

Hugh, I think you’ve lost this one

On Hugh Hewitt’s show yesterday, a blogger known as Sabretooth called in and challenged Hugh’s support for President Bush’s “guest worker” program for illegal aliens. Sabretooth issued a challenge and extracted a commitment of sorts: I asked Hugh if he would be able to support the President’s guest worker program if it allowed legalized illegal […]

Finally, Canada finds a worthy foe

Yahoo News relates the story of how Canada, our not-very-stalwart ally to the north, has finally found an enemy it feels qualified to stand up to: Sabrina, the flying squirrel. Cosmo will be torn between his distaste for liberals and his hatred for squirrels.