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Ben Carson goofs on guns. Again.

In a wide-ranging radio interview with Hugh Hewitt, presumptive Republican presidential candidate addressed several aspects of the unrest in Ferguson, Missouri. When the shooting of Mike Brown came up, Carson stuck his foot in his mouth on the subject of guns for at least the third time this year (boldface emphasis below is mine): HH: […]

Just bought my copy of “Painting The Map Red”

I’ll be reading Hugh Hewitt’s newest book today: So far, so good!

“In Good Company” trailer

Based on a blurb I heard on the Hugh Hewitt show, I decided to try out the whole blogging-as-more-than-a-hobby thing. Specifically, bloggers who mention a certain movie get goodies, and I checked it out. I sent an e-mail to the publicist and got this reply: Thereďż˝s been overwhelming response from bloggers responding to the offer […]

Hugh Hewitt’s on a tear

He’s always been as congenial as Dennis Prager in the past, but today Hugh Hewitt is outraged over John Kerry’s latest lies. Listen in here for a looping repeat of his broadcast (until tomorrow at 6PM EDT).

Thanks, Hugh

I just heard a recording of Hugh Hewitt’s nationally syndicated radio show from yesterday, and in the last segment of hour three he mentioned my blog in passing. He said it was “a great blog, by the way.” To say I’m flattered would be a gross understatement.

Give where it’ll do the most good

If you’re serious about keeping the Senate in the hands of adults who have the judgment to oversee a war, follow Hugh Hewitt’s advice. I just did, and it’s the most effective $250 I’ve spent in a long, long time.

DNC chairman grilled by Hugh Hewitt

Terry McAuliffe is on Hugh Hewitt’s radio show right now. You can hear a live feed here. After 9 PM EDT, it becomes a repeating recording of today’s show, and will run for the next 21 hours. Get ready for some pointed jabs about Cambodia. — UPDATE: Hugh’s firing questions at ol’ Terry left and […]

Tolle lege

Hugh Hewitt has a new book out. Click on the picture. Buy the book. Read it. Then lend it to a Democratic friend who hasn’t got a terminal case of Moore’s Disease. Or, send a copy or two to your resident local Bush-bashing faux-objective lefty journalist. It’s the Adopt-A-Leftie-Journalist project! Based on Hugh’s fine past […]