Ben Carson goofs on guns. Again.

In a wide-ranging radio interview with Hugh Hewitt, presumptive Republican presidential candidate addressed several aspects of the unrest in Ferguson, Missouri. When the shooting of Mike Brown came up, Carson stuck his foot in his mouth on the subject of guns for at least the third time this year (boldface emphasis below is mine):

HH: Now you say “I don’t think that the police officer did anything wrong.” So you have reviewed and have come to the conclusion that the officer in fact should not have been charged with anything?

BC: Yeah, he had every right to protect his life. But I do think that there are probably other techniques that could have been used.

HH: All right, now if there were other techniques that could have been used, doesn’t that suggest he did something wrong?

BC: No, that suggests that he perhaps has not had the maximum training.

HH: Okay.

BC: You know, for instance, in a lot of places, police officers aren’t even allowed to go into the more dangerous areas by themselves. They’re always paired. Or you know, people use tasers, people learn how to shoot people in the legs to stop them from charging, things of that nature. And I seriously doubt that he’d been given that information.

This is just plain ignorant. No law enforcement agency anywhere in America, whether it’s a federal, state, or local agency, trains its officers to aim for a target’s legs. All of them train their officers to aim for the target’s torso.

Dr. Carson is woefully ignorant about deadly force encounters, about the laws of self defense, and about the mechanics of marksmanship, but educating himself would be relatively simple for a man as intelligent as he is. He can start at and branch out from there.

“Aiming for the legs or arms” is a foolish myth that belongs only in Hollywood.


For a previous unforced “foot bullet” from Dr. Carson on the subject of guns, see his interview with Dana Loesch, in which he tries to walk back a previous ignorant statement in an interview with Glenn Beck.

Do you see a pattern here yet?

“In Good Company” trailer

Based on a blurb I heard on the Hugh Hewitt show, I decided to try out the whole blogging-as-more-than-a-hobby thing. Specifically, bloggers who mention a certain movie get goodies, and I checked it out. I sent an e-mail to the publicist and got this reply:

There�s been overwhelming response from bloggers responding to the offer for free tickets to an advance screening of IN GOOD COMPANY.
So Universal Pictures and Grace Hill Media wants to respond to that enthusiasm by upping the ante: any blogger who signs up for the free tickets and then posts this offer and a link to the IN GOOD COMPANY trailer on their site will be automatically entered in a contest to win their very own private screening of IN GOOD COMPANY in their town. The winner can either fill the screening with their friends and family, or see the film alone with that special someone � it�s entirely up to them. One lucky blogger here in the US will win. Sign up at and send us your link. And of course, all the non-winners will still be eligible to attend an advance screening in their area.

Want to know what my biggest surprise was? Based on the trailer, this looks like an interesting movie that I might actually go see, even if I were paying for the ticket. I’ll let you know if it lives up to its billing.

Thanks, Hugh

I just heard a recording of Hugh Hewitt’s nationally syndicated radio show from yesterday, and in the last segment of hour three he mentioned my blog in passing. He said it was “a great blog, by the way.”
To say I’m flattered would be a gross understatement.

DNC chairman grilled by Hugh Hewitt

Terry McAuliffe is on Hugh Hewitt’s radio show right now. You can hear a live feed here. After 9 PM EDT, it becomes a repeating recording of today’s show, and will run for the next 21 hours.
Get ready for some pointed jabs about Cambodia.

UPDATE: Hugh’s firing questions at ol’ Terry left and right, and McAuliffe’s sounding like the shameless shill that he is. But then, it’s no new situation for the DNC’s chairman. This guy keeps getting his lunch handed to him by talk show hosts.

UPDATE 2: Contrast McAuliffe’s venom with Karl Rove’s thoughtful presentation of campaign tactics & strategy. Yup, Hugh Hewitt scored an interview with Rove today, too.

Tolle lege

If It's Not Close, They Can't Cheat: Crushing the Democrats in Every Election and Why Your Life Depends on ItHugh Hewitt has a new book out.
Click on the picture. Buy the book. Read it. Then lend it to a Democratic friend who hasn’t got a terminal case of Moore’s Disease.
Or, send a copy or two to your resident local Bush-bashing faux-objective lefty journalist. It’s the Adopt-A-Leftie-Journalist project!
Based on Hugh’s fine past work, I ordered two copies from One will go to my very good friend currently stationed in Germany. Hopefully, Hugh can slip an intellectual crowbar between my buddy and his reflexively Democratic voting tendencies.
Hugh, what’s a fellow Buckeye gotta do to get an autographed copy?