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A constitutional amendment to prevent political dynasties

Like most of you, I’m sick and tired of the Bushes and Clintons. It’s long past time to rein in families like theirs before our political system turns completely hereditary. To that end, the U.S. Constitution will have to be amended. Here’s my proposal: AMENDMENT ___ SECTION 1: No person shall be eligible to hold […]

Osama bin Laden: still dead

That doesn’t mean he can’t still be useful in an election, though. Nowadays, though, we have much better methods for extracting intel from uncooperative Islamists.

Hail to the Chief, ye bottom-feedin’ lefties!

Black William Rackham and his crew at the Barrrrrrrrrrrrrrking Moonbat Early Warrrrrrrrrrrrrrrning System just dug up a real treasure. Well, blow me down! I be a Bush buccaneer t’ begin with, but this be makin’ me want t’ put ashore in San Francisco t’ pillage, plunder, an’ play country music at ear-bleedin’ volume ’til those […]

RNC coverage reminder

Get yer fresh-brewed convention coverage here: Because you’re here reading this, you know the mainstream media doesn’t cover everything. These bloggers pick up the slack, and are worth your time (check RNCBloggers to see ’em all together).

Republican Convention coverage

Here are the credentialed bloggers covering the convention: I’ve also added a new blogroll with these links (look on the right side of the home page).