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Text of my Rush 24/7 cancellation

I just sent the following to the staff at I’ve been a loyal Dittohead since 1990 when I joined the military. I’ve been a member of Rush 24/7 from the beginning. I stuck by Rush through thick & thin, even as his voice modulation suffered as a result of his deafness. He has only […]

What if Republican politicians took foreign money?

Imagine if this news hit the wires in 2004. I suspect the media would have been interested: According to the sources, a taxpayer watchdog group conducted a nine-month investigation into presidential and congressional fundraising and has uncovered thousands of cases of credit card solicitations and donations to Bush and Capitol Hill, allegedly from unsecure accounts, […]


The observed data doesn’t support the theory that humanity is causing global warming.  Read that again, and focus on the word data.  You can talk all you want about government grants, the consensus of “all reputable scientists,” sophisticated computer models, or anything else, but hard data always trumps scientific theory. The Scientific Method: 1) Define a question 2) […]

BizzyBlog catches photo fraud at the NY Times

Congrats to Bizzyblog for spotting more photo fraud from Lebanon, this time in the New York Times.

Brief update from the trenches

Today I attended a three-hour training session for Republican election observers in NE Ohio. We hailed from Cuyahoga, Lorain, and Erie Counties (see map), and this was just one of three training sessions taking place today in NE Ohio alone. Although I won’t reveal any strategy or data that Democrats might find useful, I do […]

Blogger unearths L.A. voter fraud

The Tall Glass of Milk over at Drink this… discovered an attempt to use her identity to vote for a certain political party. You get one guess at which one it was.

Sanity returns

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the 6th Circuit just restored common sense to Ohio’s provisional voting mess. You don’t get to vote wherever the heck you want. If you can’t keep your registration current, then stay home and let the adults vote. Now if only we had a law requiring photo ID at the […]

Democrat voter fraud continues in Ohio

Good Lord, now the Dems down in Franklin County, Ohio are registering terrorists to vote. When word of this gets out, the turnout among GOP voters in the Buckeye State will blow your mind. I’m a hard-core conservative so I’m already volunteering on Election Day … but if these outrageous shenanigans continue, my fellow Republicans […]

Franklin County follies

The Columbus area stands in danger of being the Palm Beach County of the 2004 election. Don’t be surprised if you find vote fraud in Franklin County at the top of the news on November 3rd.

If it’s not close …

… they can’t cheat. Who am I talking about? The Democrats, of course. Hugh Hewitt was right.

Atlas Line is still scamming Iraqi children

Remember Operation Give, the blogger-run charity that’s sending clothing and supplies to Iraqi children? Remember Atlas Line, the shady shipping company that screwed Operation Give out of $30,000? Guess which shady shipping company is now apparently passing rubber checks for $30,000?

Atlas Line scams $30,000 from a charity

Atlas Line is a shipping company that was under contract to deliver three shipments of charity items to Iraq. Instead, they scammed $30,000 from Operation Give: Operation Give has shipped three cargo containers full of toys and other donated items for the children of Iraq. We used the company, Atlas Line, to arrange this for […]