Text of my Rush 24/7 cancellation

I just sent the following to the staff at RushLimbaugh.com:

I’ve been a loyal Dittohead since 1990 when I joined the military. I’ve been a member of Rush 24/7 from the beginning. I stuck by Rush through thick & thin, even as his voice modulation suffered as a result of his deafness. He has only two tones now, his strained booming bass and his screeching squeak when he tries to emphasize a point (and no, I’m not referring to his New Castrati impersonation). The screeching squeak is becoming more common, but I can tolerate it if he keeps the content of the show up to EIB standards.

Lately, Rush seems to be phoning it in, by riffing on whatever Drudge headline is currently hot, and recycling the old Limbaugh standard responses to leftist news. But I can grit my teeth and tolerate this, if he sticks to conservative principles.

Until this past June, I was always certain that Rush followed his convictions & principles wherever they led, and that he wasn’t the type of host who would abandon his principles to chase ratings. I can no longer believe that, because the evidence is overwhelming that Rush has tossed the conservative principles in which he once believed.

I’m fed up with Rush constantly pimping Donald Trump, the progressive huckster masquerading as a conservative. Rush is obviously chasing ratings, since The Donald draws eyes and ears no matter where he appears. Rush’s audience has been dropping and with it his advertising revenue, so I understand the temptation. It must be easy to fluff the numbers by appealing to the temporary mob of idiot Trumpkins who uncritically cheer everything Trump-related. It’s a lucrative proposition in the short run, as long as you ignore the risk of driving away loyal long-term listeners like me. Lord knows, Laura Ingraham, Sean Hannity, Mark Levin, and Ann Coulter have succumbed to the temptation. I had hoped that Rush was made of sterner stuff, and would find a way to appeal to modern conservatives in an era with declining AM radio listenership.

No more. My hopes have finally evaporated and I’ve had enough. Rush has driven me away, and I’m not coming back after the Trump bubble finally pops and the idiot Trumpkins wander off to chase the next shiny object. No “return to conservatism” that Rush mounts will ever be convincing. He sold out, so let him enjoy retirement with his last thirty pieces of Trumpkin silver.

Cancel my Rush 24/7 membership and my subscription to The Limbaugh Letter.

Alo Konsen
October 29, 2015

I’m not happy to have to do it, but it’s inescapable.

Thankfully, Dana Loesch is just as good as Rush ever was, and her talent is on the upswing.

What if Republican politicians took foreign money?

Imagine if this news hit the wires in 2004. I suspect the media would have been interested:

According to the sources, a taxpayer watchdog group conducted a nine-month investigation into presidential and congressional fundraising and has uncovered thousands of cases of credit card solicitations and donations to Bush and Capitol Hill, allegedly from unsecure accounts, and many from overseas. That might be a violation of federal election laws.

Now substitute the name “Obama” for “Bush,” and change the date to 2012. Will the media bury the story? Time will tell.


The observed data doesn’t support the theory that humanity is causing global warming.  Read that again, and focus on the word data.  You can talk all you want about government grants, the consensus of “all reputable scientists,” sophisticated computer models, or anything else, but hard data always trumps scientific theory.

The Scientific Method:
1) Define a question
2) Gather information and resources (observe)
3) Form an explanatory hypothesis
4) Test the hypothesis by performing an experiment and collecting data in a reproducible manner
5) Analyze the data
6) Interpret the data and draw conclusions that serve as a starting point for new hypothesis
7) Publish results

See what got missed there?  This is Science 101.  No amount of cover-ups can fix this, you environmentalist wackos and media leftists.  Give it up.  The fraud has been exposed.  Find your next scam to push.

Eric Allie toon on global warming

Brief update from the trenches

Today I attended a three-hour training session for Republican election observers in NE Ohio. We hailed from Cuyahoga, Lorain, and Erie Counties (see map), and this was just one of three training sessions taking place today in NE Ohio alone. Although I won’t reveal any strategy or data that Democrats might find useful, I do have some interesting tidbits to share.

  • Pay close attention to news about Ohio’s new provisional ballots. Remember the dance of the hanging chads? To win Ohio without a court fight, President Bush must take this state by a wide enough margin to make all provisional ballots irrelevant.
  • The GOP expected no more than 300 volunteers at today’s poll observer training session in Westlake. Over 400 of us showed up, reportedly blowing away the attendance figures at a corresponding statewide Democrat confab hyped as a demonstration of their grassroots support. Keep in mind that there were two other GOP sessions in progress simultaneously, and you’ll begin to get a sense of the scale of our motivation.
  • We 400 observers are mostly average citizens getting involved in a campaign for the very first time. I saw plenty of retirees, college kids, housewives, small business owners, and accomplished professionals. Very few were experienced political operatives. All of us are taking Tuesday off to keep watch over the electoral process. We’re well-trained, we’re on rock-solid legal ground, and we’re motivated. Dear left-leaning friends: you’d be wise not to try any funny business. We won’t interfere in the election, but we’ll sure as hell catch you if you do. We know how to spot every trick in your playbook. You’ve gone a bridge too far, and managed to fire up more of the Republican base than in your worst nightmares.
  • Ohio law has permitted poll observers for something like 70+ years, but we’ve never used them and never challenged a vote … until the left forced us to react to their blatant intent to win at any cost. Feel free to thank ACORN, the NAACP National Voter Fund, MoveOn.org, America Coming Together, The Media Fund, George Soros, Peter B. Lewis, Senator John McCain, Senator Russ Feingold …
  • There are 78,000 GOP volunteers hard at work in Ohio. Young Republicans from out of state are knocking on doors (including mine, which is how I know) to get out the vote, and total political neophytes are burning up the outgoing phone lines at jam-packed local Bush/Cheney headquarters.
  • Democrats have filed lawsuits seeking to forbid more than one GOP observer per polling place. This is significant because many polling places contain voting facilities for multiple precincts. If the Democrat lawsuits succeed (as of 5 PM today the outcome was still up in the air), you’ll see polling places where a single overworked GOP observer tries to keep an eye on several precincts at once. That’ll be a situation ripe for exploitation by fraudsters.
  • At least one person tried to infiltrate today’s training session in Westlake by posing as a Republican who dropped in at the last minute to volunteer. His name wasn’t on the list and he couldn’t identify any references. He threatened to volunteer at the Kucinich call center unless we let him in. Odd threat for a “Republican”, eh? He left unhappy.
  • Infiltrating a political campaign carries stiff criminal penalties in Ohio. Mr. I-Love-Dennis-Kucinich ought to thank us for saving him from spending Christmas in the pokey.
  • Watch the Ohio poll results for a last-minute Democrat surge. Conservative SW Ohio and moderate Central Ohio report their results promptly, but heavily Democratic Cleveland always reports its results late in the evening and can tip the balance for the whole state. I’ll leave you to speculate about the reasons for foot-dragging by NE Ohio Democrats when they’re counting votes.
  • 20,000 Republicans turned up in Westlake last week to hear President Bush speak, and only two dozen lethargic Democrats managed to show up to protest. It’ll be raining hard in NE Ohio on Election Day. Rain discourages potential voters who aren’t motivated. Re-read all of the bullet points above and … you do the math.

Buckle your seat belts, folks. It’s gonna be a wild ride.

UPDATE (11/1, 9:00 AM): Thanks to a Clinton judge, we’re on hold. We’ll see what the 6th Circuit has to say.
UPDATE (11/1, 9:00 PM): Rock ‘n roll. Also, see Power Line for news from a blogger who’s an election lawyer in the trenches tomorrow (don’t miss their post on the limousine liberal Clinton-appoinrted judge we observers just thumped, too).

Sanity returns

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the 6th Circuit just restored common sense to Ohio’s provisional voting mess. You don’t get to vote wherever the heck you want. If you can’t keep your registration current, then stay home and let the adults vote.
Now if only we had a law requiring photo ID at the polls, I’d be much less worried about Democrat voter fraud.

Democrat voter fraud continues in Ohio

Good Lord, now the Dems down in Franklin County, Ohio are registering terrorists to vote.
When word of this gets out, the turnout among GOP voters in the Buckeye State will blow your mind. I’m a hard-core conservative so I’m already volunteering on Election Day … but if these outrageous shenanigans continue, my fellow Republicans will be willing to crawl through crushed glass while doused in burning gasoline to get to the polls.
Hat tip: Power Line

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Atlas Line scams $30,000 from a charity

Atlas Line is a shipping company that was under contract to deliver three shipments of charity items to Iraq. Instead, they scammed $30,000 from Operation Give:

Operation Give has shipped three cargo containers full of toys and other donated items for the children of Iraq.
We used the company, Atlas Line, to arrange this for us.
All three cargo containers’ passage has been paid in full.
Because of the dangerous situation in Iraq, the Kuwaiti company responsible for the containers required a $10,000 per container deposit after some difficulty delivering the first container to Baghdad. We learned of this AFTER all three containers had been shipped.
Operation Give paid this deposit through Atlas Lines.
The last deposit check for $20,000 was credited to the bank account of Atlas Line on June 20th. This is nearly a month after the first deposit check for $10,000 was credited to their account.
Atlas Line was supposed to WIRE this money to the company in Kuwait immediately upon receipt.
Atlas Line has given various excuses, from saying the bank held the checks, to saying they sent the checks via FedEx, to saying they were sent via regular mail, to claiming they had cleared their accounts, back to saying they would send the checks. ALL of these statements have been shown to be false.
After every excuse, Atlas Line has refused to show even a basic amount of proof that any of actions have been taken.

Read the rest of the post, then contact Atlas Line and pressure them to do the right thing.
Atlas Line (http://atlas-line.com)
President: Alicia Ludwig
Atlas Line (USA), Inc.
650 Atlanta South Parkway, Suite 500
Atlanta, GA 30349
Phone: 404-766-4676
Fax: 404-209-8493