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Why are you still on Facebook?

It’s fast becoming, so if you value your liberties you’ll react accordingly.

Mona Del Hirst is Anna Jones

Actually, neither one exists. Each is a pseudonym of Lacey Bassett, a graduate assistant at the University of Utah.

Mona Del Hirst, cybercriminal?

Mona Del Hirst may claim she was just engaged in “performance art” at 2225 South 500 East, Salt Lake City, Utah on March 22, 2012 when she hacked into Tea Party activist Anna Jones’ Facebook account and helped her “art loving” progressive friends impersonate Miss Jones. However, she was possibly engaged in a crime under […]

Now that’s just mean

Shame on Mona Del Hirst.  Click the screenshot to see progressive cybercrime “performance art.” Anna Jones deserved to have her Facebook account hacked … um … why, exactly?

Klout strangeness

Um, what? How does this behavior by Klout make any sense? — 11:55 PM Update: The benefits of a high Klout score. Ooooo!