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Any questions for Jim Petro?

I intend to be there when the gang from Meet The Bloggers sits down with Jim Petro on Thursday. What questions would you like me to ask him? Update: one very nasty cold put the brakes on my ambitions. Oh well.

Meet The Bloggers (March 23rd)

The next Meet The Bloggers get-together is scheduled for this Thursday with none other than Jim Petro, one of two Republican candidates for Ohio Governor. Catch it at Talkies Coffee in Cleveland at 2:00 PM if you can!

Pardon my absence

I’ve been working on a little something in preparation for this year’s gubernatorial and senatorial races. I’ll be back to regular blogging soon.

Journalistic standards

For those who complain about bloggers who supposedly don’t measure up to journalistic ethical standards (such as they are), I offer the following example: Michelle Malkin. That’s how it’s done.

Bleak surroundings = good blogging?

Chad The Elder at Fraters Libertas wonders if the climate, coupled with the local media’s blatant liberal bias and poor writing skills, might explain the bounty of good center-right bloggers in the Minneapolis/St Paul area. He also wonders if boredom might be involved. Now if Chad’s hypothesis is true, there must be several promising center-right […]

ABC hunts for war dead on Inauguration Day

Courtesy of Captain’s Quarters, a bold attempt by ABC News to throw mud on President Bush’s Inauguration … discovered on their website by bloggers: For a possible Inauguration Day story on ABC News, we are trying to find out if there any military funerals for Iraq war casualties scheduled for Thursday, Jan. 20. If you […]

Don’t miss Hugh Hewitt’s show tonight

Tune in to Hugh Hewitt’s radio show right now (or listen online). He’s going to spend three hours with the folks who brought down Dan Rather, and they’ll dissect the CBS Report released today. Everybody who’s anybody among bloggers involved in that mess will be on the air. You’ll be glad you listened in.

“In Good Company” trailer

Based on a blurb I heard on the Hugh Hewitt show, I decided to try out the whole blogging-as-more-than-a-hobby thing. Specifically, bloggers who mention a certain movie get goodies, and I checked it out. I sent an e-mail to the publicist and got this reply: Thereďż˝s been overwhelming response from bloggers responding to the offer […]

Homespun Bloggers Radio

Following the lead of the Northern Alliance Radio Network, a loose group of bloggers has started broadcasting audio over the web. The show’s called Homespun Bloggers Radio, and here are the pages announcing show one and show two. To listen to the looped broadcasts, click below: Click to listen Perhaps I can record a fake […]

Nasssty conservatives .. we hates them, Precious

Paul at Wizbang beat me to it, so I’ll delete my draft post about the different reactions to the tsunami among politically vocal bloggers with high traffic. We conservatives sure are heartless troglodytes, aren’t we?  

3 … 2 … 1 …

Nick Coleman lobs a slander grenade at Power Line, so John Hinderaker catches it, tosses it back, and … boom. Beautiful.

Ex-VP: Iran tortures bloggers

A former Vice President of Iran who runs his own blog just publicized a new round of allegations that Iranian government officials have been torturing dissident bloggers again. I say “allegations” because I can’t read Farsi, and I haven’t seen any news stories confirming the charges. But it wouldn’t surprise me in the least. I […]

Go read The Buckeye Bloggers

If you haven’t swung by The Buckeye Bloggers recently, you’re missing out. I’m not the only conservative Ohio blogger. Now if we can just find a good conservative Cincinnati blog …

Welcome, Hugh Hewitt readers

I just tracked down the reason for the sudden and steady flow of visitors from I’m his Blog of the Month for December. That’s quite an honor, so I’ll do my best to fill the shoes of my very impressive predecessors. Thanks, Hugh! Be sure to take a look at the rest of the […]

The Buckeye Bloggers

In the spirit of shameless self-promotion, Brain Shavings has joined a new blog alliance with Wizblog and The Open End. We’re now calling ourselves The Buckeye Bloggers. The gaggle of opportunists known as The Northern Alliance has piggybacked on the success of Hugh Hewitt, a native Ohioan with a nationally syndicated radio talk show, a […]

Buckeye Bloggers

Hey, fellow conservative bloggers from Ohio! How about forming a blog alliance from the state that pushed President Bush across the finish line this year? Heaven knows we can’t just sit here and let The Northern Alliance keep hogging all the glory. We could start by putting together a web site that aggregates our most […]

RNC coverage reminder

Get yer fresh-brewed convention coverage here: Because you’re here reading this, you know the mainstream media doesn’t cover everything. These bloggers pick up the slack, and are worth your time (check RNCBloggers to see ’em all together).

Republican Convention coverage

Here are the credentialed bloggers covering the convention: I’ve also added a new blogroll with these links (look on the right side of the home page).

Needed: more Coast Guard bloggers

These are the only other bloggers I’m aware of who are current or former Coasties: Brown Hound Mr. Minority behind the mule … Fix Bayonets! Tidewater Musings Random Numbers Surely there must be more of us. Anybody know of any?

On the bridge … Puddle Pirate has the deck and the conn!

Backcountry Conservative asks the military members and vets in the blogosphere to stand up and be counted. Roger that, Jeff. Here’s a bit about me: U.S. Coast Guard: 1990 – 1999, Deck Watch Officer. Retired. FYI, I know that John of Brown Hound is currently on active duty in the U.S. Coast Guard. Semper Paratus, […]