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Hallucination, myth, conspiracy, swoon, or Christianity?

When trying to answer the question “Why was Jesus’ tomb found empty on Easter morning?” … … be hard-nosed yet open-minded. Like a scientist, follow the evidence wherever it leads.

Did Jesus actually die on the cross?

Take a look at what the medical evidence says.

Vox Apologia I

Vox Apologia I is up, with ten posts on what apologetics means to today’s Christian church.

Apologetics? What’s that?

Every Thought Captive and are sponsoring a Christian blog symposium called Vox Apologia 1. The topic is “What does apologetics mean to today’s Christian church?” I can’t resist this one. First, a definition. In rough terms I’d define “apologetics” as “defending the faith”, although others give fuller definitions based on the Greek root word […]

Tactics for opposing gay “marriage”

If you’re not a Christian, you might find this post mildly interesting, but it probably won’t tickle your gray cells much. Most of you Christians out there trying to argue against gay “marriage” need to understand my point and adjust your approach. Dr. Dobson over at Focus On The Family has posted excerpts from his […]