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Category Archives: Stupid Republicans

Ben Carson goofs on guns. Again.

In a wide-ranging radio interview with Hugh Hewitt, presumptive Republican presidential candidate addressed several aspects of the unrest in Ferguson, Missouri. When the shooting of Mike Brown came up, Carson stuck his foot in his mouth on the subject of guns for at least the third time this year (boldface emphasis below is mine): HH: […]

RightChange steals artwork from @SooperMexican

Behold the douchebaggery of our supposed “allies.”

The amnesty stance of Rep. Bob Gibbs (OH-7)

I’m reaching out to the offices of Representative Bob Gibbs (R-OH) to see if he’s taken a stance on the amnesty scam floated by the GOP leadership this week. So far, no definitive response … which concerns me. He’s supposedly sympathetic to the conservative base, but his silence suggests possible squishiness. I’ll keep monitoring his […]

Rep. Bob Gibbs won’t defund Obamacare

I sent my Congressman, Bob Gibbs (R-OH) an e-mail urging him to join Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, and millions of other Americans in their effort to defund Obamacare when the next Continuing Resolution comes up. Here was his e-mailed reply (the highlights are mine). The vast bulk of his response is the same old “Obamacare […]

Yes, yes, it’s those damned social cons who ruined everything

Ace has decided to dump on us social conservatives again: I’m sick of pretending I don’t think it’s weird that people are still wigging out over the idea that some people are attracted to the same sex, and are still pushing some sort of “political” agenda about this, like we need a governmental fix to […]

Ohio Republicans who voted to raise taxes

The Congress responded to the fiscal cliff it created by passing a bill that raises taxes by $41 for every $1 of spending cuts. Our alleged “budget hawk,” US Senator Rob Portman voted “yes.” From our US House delegation, John Boehner, Bob Latta, Bill Johnson, Steve LaTourette (outgoing), Steve Stivers, and Pat Tiberi all voted […]

Time for a very hard look at the GOP America (UPDATED)

I am going to take a while to ponder whether the principles of constitutional conservatism and limited government are still best advanced through the structure of the Republican Party. Things are going to get much, much worse. We need to look at the big picture here. So pardon me as I duck into this cloud […]

If you’re voting for Gary Johnson, Ron Paul, or nobody …

… consider this:

Personnel is policy, even with Mitt Romney

Would Democrats have quietly rolled over if Bill Clinton had appointed Ken Starr as his campaign’s legal advisor? What if Al Gore chose well-known manmade global warming skeptic Richard Lindzen to be one of his key staffers? Would Democrats tolerate Barack Obama hiring Glenn Beck for … well … any reason whatsoever? Now imagine Mitt […]

Romney advisor: Obamacare repeal is off the table

If Norm Coleman’s prediction comes true, kiss the Republican Party goodbye. Norm Coleman – the former senator from Minnesota and a prominent advisor for Mitt Romney – suggested over the weekend in an interview that no matter who the Republican nominee is, they are unlikely to fully repeal Obamacare. The conservative base of the GOP […]

Romney as “Mr. Inevitable?”

This post by Steve McCann has fouled my mood much more than the clouds and rain could ever do. There now appears to be an inevitability surrounding Mitt Romney and the Republican nomination for president.   Are the American people prepared to sit through another term of George H.W. Bush?   The chances are that Romney would […]

Video: Mark Levin at the Reagan Forum

Listen to this, think about it, reflect, and be of good cheer. If you can’t spare the time now, bookmark this link.

Is Herman Cain pro-choice? (Updated)

Logically, there are a limited number of possible positions for a person to hold regarding government policy on abortion. Here’s a Venn diagram that lays them all out. Anyone who’s thought about the issue for more than a couple of seconds understands this. So how do we make any sense of Herman Cain’s stated position? […]

The GOP Establishment hath spoken

Time to talk back, don’t you think?

Ohio’s new congressional district map

In what alternate universe does this gerrymandered monstrosity fit within the definition of “representative government?” I’d much prefer something objective and unbiased like this:

We The Stupid

I understand Ann Barnhardt’s frustration. This debt ceiling increase was no victory. Giving the federal government a new $2.4 trillion slush fund makes about as much sense as giving whiskey and car keys to teenage boys. Time to swap out more Congressmen and Senators for less corrupt replacements. There are no cuts, and we all […]

Principles: they’re for the little people

Remember that 72 Hour Pledge? The more things change … — 8/2/2011 2:28 AM Update: “Process is paramount,” they once said.

Spending Cuts 101

Greetings, Republicans in the House and Senate who doubt that we rubes in Flyover Country understand baseline budgeting. We’ve seen what passes for “cuts” in the latest bill to raise the debt ceiling. You’re not fooling anybody, geniuses. Capisce? Good. Get on board.

On the Boehner bill

— 8:00 PM Update: Hey, our dose of fiscal arsenic just got reduced from “rapid death” to “slightly less rapid death.” Best we can do. Declare victory and drink up, boys. Thank you, Mr. Speaker!

Quit whining and take a bite (Updated)

So says the House Majority Leader: House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.) delivered a blunt message to the Republican Conference Tuesday morning: Quit the “grumbling” and “whining” and come together to rally behind Speaker John Boehner to pass his debt ceiling plan. … “The debt limit vote sucks,” he said, according to an attendee of […]