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Happy Halloween

A Republican Romney supporter? Not bloody likely. (Updated)

This … … is a blatant false flag scam by Obama supporters. — 10/14 Update: As predicted, this was a lefty thug wearing a Palin-bashing t-shirt.

The October Surprise jobs report (UPDATED)

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that U-3 unemployment for September dropped to 7.8% after seasonal adjustment. Good news? No. Employment’s at 92.2% now? No. Surprising news? No, it was completely predictable. I’m only surprised that they fudged the numbers so blatantly. I thought they’d at least try to be more subtle. The U-3 unemployment […]

Now that Romney dominated the first debate…

… Barack Obama is going to get meaner and uglier. He’s desperate. His record on jobs and debt sucks, his foreign policy is weak and collapsing before our eyes, he’s a pathological narcissist, and he’s been living in a warm bubble of adoring flattery for four years so he’s unaccustomed to being challenged. He’s suddenly […]

Unemployment October Surprise? (UPDATED)

Oct 5, 2012 Update: And just like clockwork, they’ve cooked the books again. — Don’t be surprised if August’s unemployment rate gets quietly revised from 8.1% to 8.0% this week. That would set up a more plausible-looking report of 7.9% unemployment for September, since a drop from 8.1% to 7.9% right before the election would […]

Who votes for Barack Obama?

If you don’t get out there and vote against Barack Obama, this bunch is going to put him back in the Oval Office. He’s not only glad they’re going to vote for him, he shares their views. If you’re still undecided, or if you think Mitt Romney and Barack Obama are two sides of the […]

Proposed GOP rule change would neuter the party’s base (Updated)

If the Rules Committee has its way at the Republican National Convention, the party’s presidential nominee will be able to substitute delegates of his or her choice for the delegates from each of the states and territories duly chosen by the local parties. Here’s the e-mail I sent to Ohio’s two representatives on the Rules […]

Live by Mediscare …

… die by Mediscare. All in all, not a bad response to this scumbaggery:

Attention, casual voters

If you still aren’t paying serious attention to politics this late in the game, do everyone a favor this November 6th. Don’t vote. You’re not competent enough to make an informed decision either way, whether you’re a Republican, a Democrat, or an independent. You can no more make an informed decision on who should run […]

Congress is the problem

Ever wondered why Congress doesn’t work? Think about this: when America was founded, the average Congressman represented 30,000 constituents. Today, it’s roughly 700,000. To make the U.S. House as responsive to all 300+ million of us as it used to be, it would need to grow from its current size of 425 Representatives. It would […]

Pack the Supreme Court

Want to reign in the activist tendencies of the statists* on the U.S. Supreme Court? Take a look at current federal law to see the answer: The Supreme Court of the United States shall consist of a Chief Justice of the United States and eight associate justices, any six of whom shall constitute a quorum. […]

The Sayonara Zone

How bad must things get for a first term president (or the nominee of a two-term president’s party) before he’s in serious danger of losing his next election? How can we quantify “bad?” I decided to scatterplot the presidential approval ratings tracked by Gallup against the infamous “Misery Index” — U-6 Unemployment plus the current […]

How thin is your bubble?

Do you live a sheltered, cocooned life, surrounded by nothing but like-minded people whose experiences only differ from yours in trivial ways? Author Charles Murray contends in his latest book that more and more of white Americans do indeed live inside a fairly thick bubble. He’ll be speaking on that subject at The Heritage Foundation […]

Mona Del Hirst is Anna Jones

Actually, neither one exists. Each is a pseudonym of Lacey Bassett, a graduate assistant at the University of Utah.

Mona Del Hirst, cybercriminal?

Mona Del Hirst may claim she was just engaged in “performance art” at 2225 South 500 East, Salt Lake City, Utah on March 22, 2012 when she hacked into Tea Party activist Anna Jones’ Facebook account and helped her “art loving” progressive friends impersonate Miss Jones. However, she was possibly engaged in a crime under […]

The do-nothing Senate

The House of Representatives (242 Republicans, 192 Democrats) has passed a budget every year and sent it to the Senate. The Senate (53 Democrats, 47 Republicans) has refused to pass a budget for 1,057 days and counting. Passing a budget in the Senate requires 51 votes.  Remind me again: which one is the do-nothing party? […]

Still waiting on the U.S. Senate to pass a budget

Any time now would be nice, Democrats. You’ve controlled the Senate since the last time it passed a budget. Do your jobs, for once.

Who was Derrick Bell?

Professor Derrick Bell was one of the earliest and most strident advocates of Critical Race Theory: Bell believed then, as he does to this day, that whites would support civil rights protections for blacks only if those protections would also promote white self-interest and social status. Since Bell maintains that racial minorities are a permanently […]

Control the precincts and you control the Party

This is Michael Smith. Watch the video below and consider the impact you can have in your precinct. If you want to return the Republican Party to conservatism and to limited government, this is an easy and effective way to do it. The Tea Party is not dead. It is getting organized.

The Occupy movement vs. the police

Chief of Police Joel Shults of Adams State College has a point. The Occupy movement was met with great restraint by political leaders all over the country until push literally came to shove. And guess who got to do the shoving? That’s right — your friendly neighborhood armed government agents. Mayors and college presidents and governors have their […]