Ahhh, Autumn

Y’know, sometimes you’ve just gotta leave the laptop, go outside, and enjoy the brisk air.
Me out on my patio
Here I am out on my patio enjoying a cigar a few nights ago. My co-blogger and irredeemable commie best friend TooShort took the picture.
John on my patio
This, of course, is the culprit himself.

Southern California wildfire photographs

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Taken 10/23/07 by my cousin, who writes: “So far the devastating California wildfires haven’t caused us any major problems here in San Clemente. The smoke and ash has been horrible, but the fires have kept their distance. I went on a hike and took a few pictures, which I’ve attached to this email. All these pictures were taken within a few miles of San Clemente and around the Irvine area. Many of the pictures were taken from the ridgeline that borders our house and Camp Pendleton, the large military base just south of here. Although the winds have stopped gusting at 50-80 miles per hour, the air and brush is very dry.”
Lots more photos here.

Just crossed paths with Laura Ingraham

Laura Ingraham’s “Power To The People” book tour pulled into Cleveland today. Here I am at the WHK Meet & Greet over on the East Side.
The lady radiates energy. She’s on her tenth stop in this book tour, and won’t get a break ’til the middle of next month. A three day break. She’s gotta be tired but you sure can’t tell by looking at her or listening to her. Laura’s very friendly, outgoing, and charming … the kind of person I’d enjoy hanging out with over pizza and beer. I’d love to just sit and hear her talk about the things she’s done, the places she’s been and the people she’s met.
Laura, I hope you get a chance to work out at some point, just to vent some stress from the tour. At least go for a run, girl. You’ll go batty by October otherwise. And the next time you roll through town, you and your producers drink on my tab. Never let it be said that this USCGA grad would withhold hospitality from friends of a squid like Joe (tempting though it might be).
Here’s more on the author and her work.


Contrails over NE Ohio

Although Mike Trivisonno is going bonkers about fighter jets and dastardly chem trail conspiracies on the air at WTAM, his histrionics did serve a good purpose. I took some lovely photographs of the interlaced contrails overhead this afternoon.
Click the pic to see all seven.


Update: Nice shots by “USAgent” here, and a NewsNet5 story here.