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What is Ohio’s Issue 3 all about?

Here it is in a nutshell: Do you want to keep health care decisions between patients and doctors, and not politicians and bureaucrats? Do you want the freedom to choose the care and insurance that best fits your own needs? If so, vote yes on Issue 3, the Ohio Healthcare Freedom Amendment. Unless Issue 3 […]

Why vote “yes” on Ohio’s Issue 2?

Government employee unions are inherently corrupt, and they don’t care that cities across Ohio are going broke under the weight of pensions and health care expenses demanded by fat cat union bosses. Don’t fall for the myths they spread about the supposed evils of Issue 2. Don’t accept their dishonest scare tactics blindly and emotionally […]

Buckeyes, baby!

I love this time of year. O-H!

After the storm

Betty Sutton: owned by union bosses

Congresswoman Betty Sutton can’t seem to get any traction with her constituents, collecting only $43,156 in contributions under $200 for the entire first half of this year. Nevertheless she’s breathing several sighs of relief this week. The extreme left-wingers running the National Education Association rode to her rescue yesterday with $550,000 in TV advertising. Today, […]

Julio Pino gets his department chairman fired

The chairman of the history department at Kent State University just got himself canned. He allowed his department’s resident jihad booster, Professor Julio Pino, to take six weeks of leave to attend a conference … in the Persian Gulf. That’s a good start. Now KSU needs to fire Julio. Some background: Me and Julio Down […]

Mystery critters of Geauga County

What the heck are these things? Nobody seems to know.

Carnival of Ohio Politics #44

Newshound rounds up the past seven days’ worth of Ohio political blogging from left, right and center.

Islamists nabbed in Ohio

Can you say “soft target”? AJ Strata ponders the implications. Hat tip: Michelle Malkin

Buckeyes ranked #1 in preseason poll


Buzzards return to Hinckley

Here in Northeast Ohio, Spring has sprung.

Watch those parking lots disappear

Since your local government is now allowed to take Citizen A’s property and sell it to Citizen B because the government believes Citizen B will generate more tax revenue, I predict it’ll be less than six months before the City of Cleveland snatches up the privately-owned parking lots in the Warehouse District. Cleveland’s downtown area […]

Passenger jets and missiles don’t mix

Yesterday, we heard about Nicaragua’s problems with maintaining control of its shoulder-fired surface-to-air missiles. Today as I was driving, I heard on WTAM that several communities near Hopkins Airport in Cleveland have complained so bitterly about jet noise that the government has responded with a web site … where you can track passenger jets. That’s […]

Go read The Buckeye Bloggers

If you haven’t swung by The Buckeye Bloggers recently, you’re missing out. I’m not the only conservative Ohio blogger. Now if we can just find a good conservative Cincinnati blog …

Venison, anyone?

In Twinsburg, Ohio, you’re now allowed to take your bow out into your back yard and hunt deer … if your lot’s at least four acres in size, if you get a license from the city, if you take an archery proficiency test, and if you pay a $25 fee. Administrative hassles aside, I’m glad […]

Step back and watch the fireworks

Ah, schadenfreude. The City of Cleveland, financially mismanaged for decades by liberals, decided a year or so ago to cut expenses and laid off a bunch of police, firefighters, and EMTs. Bob Beck and the rest of the leadership of the Cleveland Police Patrolmen’s Association is now considering whether to retaliate in the way every […]

Condi’s a Dawg

According to the L.A. Times, Condi Rice has a favorite NFL team: Then there are the endless conversations about sports. Bush is omnivorous when it comes to sports, making a special point of rooting for Texas teams. Rice is a little more selective, preferring football — especially the Cleveland Browns, her team since childhood. I […]

A classic putdown

The Akron Repository reports the results of a meeting last year between former Cleveland Browns player and current announcer Doug Dieken, and former Browns owner and current fan piñata Art Modell, during the Browns’ final game against Modell. Here’s the money quote from Dieken: Art said, “Oh, so you’ve come to see me before you […]

Cleveland’s good news hat trick

Greater Cleveland may be a political and fiscal and economic basketcase, but we needn’t lose hope in the area’s core city. Three tidbits of good news have cropped up in the past week. The VP debate may have generated anywhere from $4.1 million to $45 million of P.R. for Cleveland and Northeast Ohio. The Cuyahoga […]

My newest “to do” list

Citysearch Cleveland has a list of “10 Things to Do in Cleveland Before You Die“, and I’ve already completed numbers 1, 3, and 8. I’d better get crackin’ on the other seven, just in case there’s an approaching meteor with my name on it. Hat tip: Cool Cleveland