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Category Archives: Glorious Hedonism

Ahhh, Autumn

Y’know, sometimes you’ve just gotta leave the laptop, go outside, and enjoy the brisk air. Here I am out on my patio enjoying a cigar a few nights ago. My co-blogger and irredeemable commie best friend TooShort took the picture. This, of course, is the culprit himself.

Bottoms up

All in the interest of good health, of course.

Anybody hungry?

Physics Geek hosts this week’s Carnival of the Recipes, where you’ll find such delicacies as lasagna, enchilada lasagna, champagne punch, chocolate mousse “cheesecake”, sand tart cookies, and Irish coffee. *burp*

It was a phine phlocking

Last night my younger brother and I went to a Jimmy Buffett concert at Blossom Music Center. His new album License To Chill comes out on the 13th, and I’ve already pre-ordered it. It’s been six years since my last phlock, and eight years for my brother. The place was nuts, the music was great, […]