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Austin Kasso confesses to robbery threat

That didn’t take long. Austin Kasso posted robbery threats (here, here, and here) against Memories Pizza, then deleted them when confronted and denied everything, then claimed he was hacked, then threatened to sue (here, here, and here). After a day of frantic activity, he has finally admitted the obvious. Austin Kasso threatened to rob Memories […]

Text message transcript with Austin Kasso

Austin Kasso reached out via text message this morning, after I called him and he hung up on me. Here’s the transcript. 11:36 Kasso: Who the fuck do you think you are calling me? Mind your own business 11:39 Me: Hi, Mr. Kasso. Did you post that robbery threat on the Memories Pizza GoFundMe page? […]

Ben Carson goofs on guns. Again.

In a wide-ranging radio interview with Hugh Hewitt, presumptive Republican presidential candidate addressed several aspects of the unrest in Ferguson, Missouri. When the shooting of Mike Brown came up, Carson stuck his foot in his mouth on the subject of guns for at least the third time this year (boldface emphasis below is mine): HH: […]

If you submit your personal info to …

… you are a fool. H/T: Ace of Spades

Good fences make good neighbors

What might the implications be for the United States if Mexico collapses? Before you answer, consider that a national border is nothing but a theoretical concept if it’s not controlled, and if one or both nations refuse to preserve a distinct national culture. If America continues to ignore its borders and downplay its uniquely capitalist, […]

Muslim death cultists are not subhuman

Again with the beheadings. Two British muslims ran over a British soldier, Lee Rigby, with their car in broad daylight, hopped out, and beheaded him. Then they crowed about it on camera. I’m not surprised. Hopefully we’ll preserve our collective outrage over this, but I suspect this kind of thing’s already becoming blas&#233 in our […]

What if Republican politicians took foreign money?

Imagine if this news hit the wires in 2004. I suspect the media would have been interested: According to the sources, a taxpayer watchdog group conducted a nine-month investigation into presidential and congressional fundraising and has uncovered thousands of cases of credit card solicitations and donations to Bush and Capitol Hill, allegedly from unsecure accounts, […]

Video: “Crony Chronicles”

Does gun control reduce violent crime?

If it could be shown by statistical studies that violent crime rates in counties with Policy X were lower than violent crime rates in counties without Policy X, and further that counties switching to Policy X saw a drop in their violent crime rate, and all of those statistics were carefully controlled to isolate the […]

Barack Nixon Obama tries to hide the cover-up

Why has President Obama invoked executive privilege to avoid turning over documents to Congress involving Operation Fast & Furious, which shipped thousands of guns to Mexican drug cartels, who then used them to murder hundreds of Mexicans and USBP Agent Brian Terry? Obama asserts that the documents he’s hiding don’t reveal that he or his […]

Mona Del Hirst is Anna Jones

Actually, neither one exists. Each is a pseudonym of Lacey Bassett, a graduate assistant at the University of Utah.

Mona Del Hirst, cybercriminal?

Mona Del Hirst may claim she was just engaged in “performance art” at 2225 South 500 East, Salt Lake City, Utah on March 22, 2012 when she hacked into Tea Party activist Anna Jones’ Facebook account and helped her “art loving” progressive friends impersonate Miss Jones. However, she was possibly engaged in a crime under […]

Now that’s just mean

Shame on Mona Del Hirst.  Click the screenshot to see progressive cybercrime “performance art.” Anna Jones deserved to have her Facebook account hacked … um … why, exactly?

Hey, sucker, Tom with “Home Security” has a deal for you

At 6:57 PM EST, a telemarketer identifying himself as Tom with a company supposedly named “Home Security” in Los Angeles just called my cell phone, which is on the federal Do Not Call List. After I tried unsuccessfully to extract his company’s address and he hung up, I did a quick Google search and found […]

The Occupy movement vs. the police

Chief of Police Joel Shults of Adams State College has a point. The Occupy movement was met with great restraint by political leaders all over the country until push literally came to shove. And guess who got to do the shoving? That’s right — your friendly neighborhood armed government agents. Mayors and college presidents and governors have their […]

The Voting Dead

Ask and ye shall receive, Kevin. You’ll find plenty of stock photos and graphics of zombies at iStockPhoto, like this one I just mocked up quickly: Imagine the same zombie community organizer, only this time canvassing for votes.

Democrat petition drive in … cemeteries?

I don’t know if this is legit, or whether some smart aleck hacked the Wisconsin Democrats’ web site. Click on the image to see the screen shot at full size. Not surprisingly, the Dems have yanked the page from their site. Here’s the cached page on Google. Who knows how long it’ll exist?

Something about Sharon Bialek seems … off

I’m no shill for Herman Cain, but yeeeeeesh. This woman’s demeanor doesn’t pass the smell test. Where did this supposed Tea Party activist come from? Is she a gold digger? Who’s paying her legal bills?

The Gerald A. Sandusky indictment

Can we please make child rape a capital crime now? Here’s the text of today’s indictment of retired PSU football coach Gerry Sandusky, as released by the Attorney General of Pennsylvania. This is not for the faint of heart, so do not read it if you have a weak stomach.

“Males of non-western background”

Apparently the Norwegians have coined a new politically correct term.