Don’t steal my bandwidth

If you use my site’s images on your site, instead of hosting them yourself, you drive up my bandwidth use. This costs me money. Then things like this happen.

BEFORE before

AFTER after

If your site is liberal, I’ll substitute a very embarrassing image, instead of a mild one like the above. I’m lookin’ at you, Kos.

Finally, an app for Movable Type blogs (Updated)

Somebody went to the trouble of creating an iPhone app that allows you to add and edit posts on a blog running Movable Type. It’s called Movable Manager and I’m using it to type this post.
It looks extremely bare-bones basic at first blush, but I could be wrong. Frankly, finding it in the App Store was the only thing that stopped me from dumping Movable Type completely and switching over to WordPress.
MT has gotten more code-intensive since I started this blog in 2004, while WordPress has gotten more user-friendly. Since Six Apart sold the MT software rights to a Japanese company a year or so back, tech support for English-speaking users has gone downhill fast. Six Apart couldn’t be bothered to create a smart phone app for their software, but perhaps they were focusing their efforts on unloading the rights to MT and its shrinking market share before it became worthless. The new company hasn’t indicated any interest in an app for English-speaking smart phone users, so the “opportunity” fell to the free market.
That only one company made the effort (and that the app’s been in v1.0 since November 16th with minimal features) speaks volumes. Movable Manager gets one week to convince me that I’m mistaken.

Can a Movable Type blog be converted to WordPress?

The effort involved in coding this MT-based blog has become too labor-intensive, and the support available from Movable Type since its acquisition by the Japanese company Infocom has gotten borderline unintelligible.
The blogging platform produced by WordPress is much easier to use and maintain, and its community of code geeks and site designers is much bigger and actually speaks English. Using their work and plugging it into a web site running WordPress is ridiculously easy, and eliminates the need to reinvent the wheel.
The main obstacle holding me back is my inability to figure out how to export all of my data from Movable Type v5.12 into whatever format will allow me to import it into WordPress v3.2.1 (the current “new” version of the software). This is getting to be as aggravating as deciphering the instructions on a circa-1987 Sony VCR.
If someone out there has figured out a way to do this, please point me in the right direction.

Apologies to my e-mailers

I just discovered a ton of legitimate e-mail messages caught in the spam filters for my two domains, and, which I’ve now dialed back to a less draconian setting. I’ve also added a bunch of people to the e-mail whitelists. I’ll do my best to get caught up soon, but if you’ve been wondering if I’ve been ignoring you, I haven’t.
Sorry, everyone.

Google vs. Ann Althouse, Patterico, and … ?

nitecruzrFirst Ann Althouse got her Blogger account deleted “for spamming.” Then fellow conservative blogger Patrick “Patterico” Frey piped up, criticized the responsible Google volunteer/moderator/petty-egotist-and-general-jerkwad Chuck “nitecruzr” Croll and coincidentally found his GMail account suspended for “spamming.” Then at least six other GMail-using critics of Chuck Croll’s jackassery also felt the wrath of Google’s mighty banhammer … but only coincidentally. Google, its executives, its employees, and its volunteers are very open-minded folks. Pay no attention to their political campaign contributions, 98% of which went to one party in 2004, and 83% to that same party in 2010.
Uh, pardon me if I don’t jump on the Google Chromebook bandwagon. The thought of trusting much personal or business information to Google already made me uneasy to begin with. Then word got out about Google’s use of text-reading software to read GMail users’ e-mails and present them with “more relevant” ads. Now, any volunteer with sufficient authority granted by Google — and an axe to grind — can apparently decide to delete your account and cover their own butt by labeling you a “suspected spammer.”
“Don’t be evil” turns out to be a rather nuanced code of conduct.
Meanwhile, Professor Althouse’s enthusiasm for Google’s free Blogger platform is dropping fast. Funny how that happens.

How to retaliate against the Yandex bot (Updated)

ooga booga

A few days ago I noticed that my site’s bandwidth usage was suddenly up. And I mean way up. Bandwidth is expensive, so I dug into the server logs and found that one particular computer was repeatedly accessing every page on my domain, several times a day. Further research revealed that the culprit is a bot that indexes web pages for a Russian search engine called Yandex.
My attempts to rebuff the Yandex bot using the familiar robots.txt method failed utterly. Yandex bots ignore that file, which causes no small amount of stomach acid online among people like me who don’t have money to burn.
I decided to retaliate.

Anti-ACORN and anti-Obama graphics

Feel free to use these on your own blog. All I ask is that you save your own copy of each image, and don’t hotlink to the image on my web site. If you hotlink, it will drive up my bandwidth costs.


Oh, and here’s one for that bailout bill:


Dell, Inc. pays attention to blogs

At 9:20 AM this morning, Dave at posted a blurb about Dell’s XPS competing with the Apple iMac. At 10:51 AM, I left a comment criticizing Dell and explaining why I now own a Lenovo. At 5:05 PM, someone named RichardatDELL left the following comment:

Hi Dave, thanks for the feed back and glad to hear you are impressed.
Ruddle Pirate [sic], The XPS One as part of the XPS line has a specialized support team that is highly trained on XPS systems and based in North America. I just bought a new XPS and needing to just check a couple things. The hold times were nil and the agents great.
We dropped the ball in the past, but we heard you, our customers, and are onb the way back. Sorry we lost you as a customer.
Hopefully we will regain your confidence with time.

<Vader voice>
Impressive. Most impressive.
</Vader voice>