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RightChange steals artwork from @SooperMexican

Behold the douchebaggery of our supposed “allies.”

Don’t steal my bandwidth

If you use my site’s images on your site, instead of hosting them yourself, you drive up my bandwidth use. This costs me money. Then things like this happen. BEFORE AFTER If your site is liberal, I’ll substitute a very embarrassing image, instead of a mild one like the above. I’m lookin’ at you, Kos.

Klout strangeness

Um, what? How does this behavior by Klout make any sense? — 11:55 PM Update: The benefits of a high Klout score. Ooooo!

Farewell, Neptunus Lex

We are all poorer for your passing, Carroll Lefon. Godspeed, sir, and know that I’ll hoist a Guinness (for strength!) in your honor.

The Voting Dead

Ask and ye shall receive, Kevin. You’ll find plenty of stock photos and graphics of zombies at iStockPhoto, like this one I just mocked up quickly: Imagine the same zombie community organizer, only this time canvassing for votes.

Finally, an app for Movable Type blogs (Updated)

Somebody went to the trouble of creating an iPhone app that allows you to add and edit posts on a blog running Movable Type. It’s called Movable Manager and I’m using it to type this post. It looks extremely bare-bones basic at first blush, but I could be wrong. Frankly, finding it in the App […]

Can a Movable Type blog be converted to WordPress?

The effort involved in coding this MT-based blog has become too labor-intensive, and the support available from Movable Type since its acquisition by the Japanese company Infocom has gotten borderline unintelligible. The blogging platform produced by WordPress is much easier to use and maintain, and its community of code geeks and site designers is much […]

Apologies to my e-mailers

I just discovered a ton of legitimate e-mail messages caught in the spam filters for my two domains, and, which I’ve now dialed back to a less draconian setting. I’ve also added a bunch of people to the e-mail whitelists. I’ll do my best to get caught up soon, but if you’ve been […]

Monday morning e-mail sentiments

Pretty much covers it, I’d say.

Spamming myself?

Now this is ironic. Click the screenshot and look closely: I’m trying to navigate the site — which is a maze — to figure out why my domain’s been blacklisted.

Top 100 words and phrases to avoid

I’m surprised that the list left out “in terms of.” Oh, how that verbal tic makes my ears itch!

Google vs. Ann Althouse, Patterico, and … ?

First Ann Althouse got her Blogger account deleted “for spamming.” Then fellow conservative blogger Patrick “Patterico” Frey piped up, criticized the responsible Google volunteer/moderator/petty-egotist-and-general-jerkwad Chuck “nitecruzr” Croll and coincidentally found his GMail account suspended for “spamming.” Then at least six other GMail-using critics of Chuck Croll’s jackassery also felt the wrath of Google’s mighty banhammer […]

Firefox 4 users: wondering where the RSS icon went?

Wonder no longer. They dumped it. Fortunately you can get it back.

How to retaliate against the Yandex bot (Updated)

A few days ago I noticed that my site’s bandwidth usage was suddenly up. And I mean way up. Bandwidth is expensive, so I dug into the server logs and found that one particular computer was repeatedly accessing every page on my domain, several times a day. Further research revealed that the culprit is a […]

Ace of Spades HQ needs a fresh logo

This banner (click to embiggen) just doesn’t do the Morons over at Ace’s place any justice. Old and busted: New hotness: Go ahead and swipe it, Ace. Upload it over your current logo, you Luddite. — 11/3/10 Update: Even newer hotness!

Scary words

It’s so cute when progressive bloggers get their knickers in a twist in feigned outrage over a post by a conservative that uses hunting metaphors to describe the electoral tasks ahead.

Election Day Twitter timeline [STICKY]

Your browser does not support JavaScript. Click to read the Twitter timeline. If you see no JavaScript text, just click here.

Anti-ACORN and anti-Obama graphics

Feel free to use these on your own blog. All I ask is that you save your own copy of each image, and don’t hotlink to the image on my web site. If you hotlink, it will drive up my bandwidth costs.                 Oh, and here’s one for […]

With detractors like these …

… I must be doing something right. Especially when it’s Tim Russo.

Dell, Inc. pays attention to blogs

At 9:20 AM this morning, Dave at posted a blurb about Dell’s XPS competing with the Apple iMac. At 10:51 AM, I left a comment criticizing Dell and explaining why I now own a Lenovo. At 5:05 PM, someone named RichardatDELL left the following comment: Hi Dave, thanks for the feed back and glad […]