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Obamacare will lead to infanticide

Unless we repeal Obamacare, it will drive private sector health care companies out of business, and then it will itself collapse. When Obamacare collapses, and when there are no free market companies left to take over, we’ll get a single-payer system — in other words, socialized medicine. When we get socialized medicine, we get this: […]

The rape exception makes no sense

Many pro-lifers believe abortion should be permitted if the mother seeking one became pregnant because she was raped. This position makes no sense. If the unborn is a human being, then the rape exception says it’s acceptable to kill a human being if her father raped her mother, or if her existence causes her mother […]

Video: “Life’s Greatest Miracle”

Abortion rights advocates, I challenge you to watch this five-chapter video … … and try to claim with a straight face that the unborn is not a human being.

A thought experiment on the “rape/incest/deformity exception” in the abortion debate

Miss Smith & Mrs. Jones get pregnant on the same date. Miss Smith is unmarried, uneducated, & poor. 24 weeks into Miss Smith’s pregnancy (the result of an incestuous rape), she delivers early due to complications. Baby Smith survives, but has lifelong physical & mental handicaps. Mrs. Jones is wealthy, educated, and successful in her […]

Is Herman Cain pro-choice? (Updated)

Logically, there are a limited number of possible positions for a person to hold regarding government policy on abortion. Here’s a Venn diagram that lays them all out. Anyone who’s thought about the issue for more than a couple of seconds understands this. So how do we make any sense of Herman Cain’s stated position? […]

A paralysis cure based on embryonic stem cell research is morally wrong (Updated)

T.J. Atchison wants to kill the weak to heal himself: Dr. Donald Leslie, medical director at the Shepherd Center in Atlanta, has high hopes. “We want to cure paralysis,” he said. “We want to stop spinal cord injury. How incredible would that be?” Leslie’s mission has begun with T.J. Atchinson, the first step in research […]

Federally funded embryo destruction begins again

Thanks to today’s ruling in the DC Circuit Court of Appeals, your tax dollars will now fund the destruction of unborn children. My stance on this has been unequivocal. It’s wrong to heal the sick by killing the weak. They are people.

People hate this young lady

Watch the video to find out why.

Video: Abortion clinic fails to report child abuse

“Safe, legal, and rare” is the name of the game, right? Let me try that again. “Safe, legal and rare.”

Video: Planned Parenthood caught lying. Again.

How is it “pro-choice” to distort basic facts and manipulate women into aborting their unborn children? Read more about this sting.

Hey Bart Stupak, where’s that Executive Order?

You worked so hard to extract a promise from the Precedent to issue a magic Executive Order, one that can overrule the federal funding of abortion in the Obamacare bill signed into law at noon today. You made such a very big show of accepting your precious little fig leaf, but you’re still standing there […]

Stupak the metaphor

If you think Bart Stupak is pro-life …

… then today’s betrayal surprised you. I didn’t trust him, but wish I’d known that Stupak telegraphed his move: There’s no such thing as a “Pro-Life Democrat.” No. Such. Thing. —- 8:10 PM Update: For the benefit of my progressive readers, a little taste of what’s coming. Protesters Have Some Friends in the Capitol Feet […]

VA to vets: hurry up and die

Jim Towey’s editorial touched off the debate over the VA Death Book, so here’s a copy to read for yourself. Your Life, Your Choices This pamphlet’s clearly quite slanted toward the euthanasia side of the scale, so pay it no mind. Instead, educate yourself about advance directives before you make any end-of-life decisions.

In defense of the frail elderly

A real thought-provoker: The frail elderly and their families deserve love, support and care from a compassionate society. If we allow willy-nilly healthcare reform, the frail elderly will undoubtedly be targeted, with such rationalizations as “Why devote resources (the liberal euphemism for money) to a hopeless cause such as this?” A physician at our local […]

A response to William Saletan on killing abortionists

Slate columnist William Saletan’s latest piece completely mischaracterizes pro-lifers: If abortion is murder, the most efficient thing you could have done to prevent such murders this month was to kill George Tiller. … Is it wrong to defend the life of an unborn child as you would defend the life of a born child? Because […]

Pro-life arguments against killing abortionists

The murder of Dr. George Tiller was an evil act that saved no lives. Here are ten reasons to oppose the supposed “justifiable homicide” of abortionists, as explained by pro-life Christian David P. Gushee in 1995: The use of intentional premeditated lethal force by private citizens to defend the innocent from harm is morally unjustifiable. […]

On the murder of George Tiller

In response to today’s murder of abortionist George Tiller, I’ll quote (with my complete approval) the abortion violence statement put forth by the long-time pro-life advocates at Stand To Reason: It’s always wrong to take a human life without proper justification. Abortion is such a wrong because it takes the life of a valuable, innocent, […]

Video: severed spines, broken bones treated with nanofibers

Dr. Samuel Stupp and Dr. Ramille Capito explain their research in the field of Bionanotechnology and its contributions to regenerative medicine: I’m a C-6 quad due to a diving accident in 1998, so this research fascinates me. What’s even better is that no embryonic stem cell research is involved.

Video: This is what they mean when they say “choice”

Steel yourself. The Center for Bio-Ethical Reform somehow managed to post a video of a 20-week abortion performed by Dennis Christensen at the Madison Abortion Clinic in Wisconsin. When the abortion rights crowd blandly lectures you about preserving “choice”, this is what they mean: Hat tip: Jill Stanek