Site renovation in progress

As you can see, I got tired of the boxiness and the tan color scheme of my blog. I apologize in advance for any strange displays you may see on your screen while I tinker with the style sheets. Things will look much more refined soon.

The new homestead

Just to give an idea of what’s been occupying my time, here are some shots of the interior of my newly-built home (which is so bare it’s funny).
When you consider the emptiness of the place along with my near-helplessness in matters of interior design and decorating style, you can probably tell why I’ve become a regular HGTV viewer. In fact, I’m going to invite their various shows to come over and do my house’s interior for me.

My new advertiser and my new home

First of all, I’d like to welcome a new advertiser here, WMD: The Murderous Reign of Saddam Hussein. It’s a new movie, and even if you don’t see it up on the marquee at your local 20-screen megaplex, you can get a DVD for yourself at the very reasonable price of $19.95.
The creative minds behind this project include Brad L. Maaske, Jano Rosebiani, Victor Davis Hanson (a brilliant military historian and thinker), Evan Coyne Maloney (sane Americans’ answer to Michael Moore), and Judith Mendelsohn Rood. My copy of the DVD is on its way here, and when I get a chance to watch it I’ll let you know if it’s as good as it looks to be. In the meantime you can browse some good reviews here or check out the trailer here.
An excerpt describing the project:

Alarmed by the lack of outcry against the atrocities committed by Hussein’s regime, Maaske set out to uncover the truth surrounding the under-reported acts of atrocity committed directly by or under the command of Saddam Hussein, along with Iraq’s links to global terrorism and America’s military action to remove Hussein from power. Central to the story are eyewitness accounts and never-before-seen footage of chemical attacks, murders and torture leveled against the population of Iraq dating from Saddam’s corrupt rise to power and spanning more than two decades.

Although many filmmakers have chosen to ignore the horrific atrocities that the Iraqi people had to endure under Hussein and the sacrifice that American soldiers have made to free them from these atrocities, WMD directs the viewer to the little-known facts. Regardless of anyone’s political views, the story of Saddam Hussein’s evil reign, and the horrors that were thankfully ended by bringing this reign to an end, is one that all Americans should know.

Give WMD: The Murderous Reign of Saddam Hussein a look. I know I will.
Now, my second announcement. I’m moving on Saturday, so for the next several days my access to the ‘net will be spotty at best. I’ll be back in the saddle by Monday with a nice high-speed connection (or so Comcast assures me).
See you then if not sooner!

It’s good to be back

Had a bit of blogging backlog for a few days, what with Christmas shopping and all. Plus, my new house is under construction, so the meetings with the builder and the interior designer took some time. Last week my property was a mud pit with some cinderblocks on it. This week, they really picked up speed:

My house

So now that things are somewhat calm, I’m back in the virtual saddle.

The Buckeye Bloggers

In the spirit of shameless self-promotion, Brain Shavings has joined a new blog alliance with Wizblog and The Open End. We’re now calling ourselves The Buckeye Bloggers.

The Buckeye Bloggers

The gaggle of opportunists known as The Northern Alliance has piggybacked on the success of Hugh Hewitt, a native Ohioan with a nationally syndicated radio talk show, a syndicated column in The Weekly Standard, several best-selling books, and a top-notch conservative blog. Thanks to Hugh’s efforts (and their own stellar writing and research too … but I’ll gloss over that inconvenient fact), these erstwhile unknowns have gotten enough exposure that they’ve managed to torpedo Dan Rather and become a thorn in the sides of The Minneapolis Star Tribune and The Associated Press. Not bad for a bunch of pajama-clad scribblers from the midwestern tundra.
If they can do it, why can’t we?
I have high hopes, because not only have we successfully begged the mighty Hugh Hewitt to shill for us … we have an ace in the hole: Eric Hogue, host of his own morning talk show on KTKZ in Sacramento, a blogger, and a former Ohioan himself. Lately, he’s been guest hosting for Hugh, Bill Bennett, and Laura Ingraham. Can Hannity or Limbaugh be far behind? Assuming he can keep on functioning without sleep like he’s been doing lately, we ought to get more promotion for our buck out of him than anybody else. Ah, who am I kidding? We’re not paying him anything. But flattery will get us everywhere, we hope. Seriously, he’s an up-and-coming radio talker, and we’re happy he’s thrown in with us.
This ought to be fun. Watch out, Lileks and Power Line and Captain’s Quarters. That speck in your rearview mirror just got a horsepower boost.

I’m back (I think)

My cheapo 802.11b wireless router by The Borg kicked the bucket on Friday, so I’ve been blogless this weekend. The cruddy router’s been canned in favor of a nice 802.11g wireless by Linksys, and things seem to be working now.

Temporary lull

There’s going to be some amateur webgeekery around here for a bit, as I flail about and try to understand RSS parsing and PHP. Unless the push into Fallujah kicks off, I’ll be pretty quiet for awhile. Don’t trash the place, ‘kay?

Off to battle

This post from Saturday will stay at the top of the blog through Election Day.
I’ll be heavily involved in the Bush/Cheney 72-hour effort, so I won’t be blogging much. I made phone calls to undecided voters and possible Bush supporters for a couple of hours on Friday. I’ll do it again on Monday, and I’ll attend training on Sunday so I can serve as a poll watcher on Tuesday. If you’re concerned about how close this election’s shaping up to be, turn off your computer and go do something about it.
Go to and sign up to volunteer in your state (look for the pull-down menu box on the left-hand side labeled “Grassroots” and select your state). The campaign can use all the help you can offer, even if it’s just an hour on the phones at your local Bush/Cheney headquarters.
While I’m gone, browse the blogrolls on the right side of the home page, and make time to read these:

Remember, due to the strain on the election system, all Republicans are asked to vote on November 2nd and all Democrats can go to the polls on November 3rd. Thank you for your cooperation.

Short absence

I’ll be out of town until October 3rd, so whether I manage to post anything will depend on the quality of wireless access on the road. Try these sites to fill the gap:
Hugh Hewitt is the dean of the center right bloggers (listen to his nationally-syndicated radio show here).
National Review runs The Corner as a group blog. Its writers and editors comment on politics and pop culture, with the occasional aside on the latest squirrel attack.
Redstate features posts by Republican bloggers both well-known and obscure. You’ll find some real gems every week.
Lileks is wickedly funny when he’s not chauffeuring his young daughter to the next playdate.
Drop in on The Belmont Club for thoughtful analysis of trends in world events.
To watch three guys in the northern midwest successfully take on the Associated Press, CBS News, Dan Rather, and the Minneapolis Star Tribune, read Power Line.

Pardon my dust

I’m testing out a stylesheet today, so don’t be surprised if the site changes its appearance several times before the day’s over.