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Text message transcript with Austin Kasso

Austin Kasso reached out via text message this morning, after I called him and he hung up on me. Here’s the transcript.

11:36 Kasso: Who the fuck do you think you are calling me? Mind your own business
11:39 Me: Hi, Mr. Kasso. Did you post that robbery threat on the Memories Pizza GoFundMe page?
11:40 Kasso: What does it matter to you? Do you support those freaks?
11:41 Kasso: What does it matter to you? Do you support those freaks?
11:43 Me: It’s a straightforward question, Mr. Kasso. Did you post this?
11:43 Me:
Screen shot of robbery threat
11:44 Kasso: And who the fuck are you?
11:44 Kasso: Why should I answer your question?
11:45 Me: I’m a concerned citizen who thinks one of two things probably happened.
11:45 Me: 1) You posted that threat; or
2) Someone impersonated you.
11:46 Me: If it’s the latter, I’d like to help you find the guilty party & stop him/her.
11:46 Me: If it’s the former, I suggest you retract the threat & apologize.
11:48 Me: That would be much easier and less messy than involving law enforcement authorities in Lafayette, wouldn’t you agree?
11:48 Kasso: Don’t be concerned, and I deleted the post anyway. I would never apologize for threatening a bigot.
11:48 Me: So it was your post. Duly noted.
11:49 Kasso: Its none of your business so how about you get the fuck off my nuts.
11:50 Kasso: And I didnt say I posted it, just said I wouldnt apologize to a bigot.
11:50 Kasso: I also said I deleted it, so fuck off
11:51 Me: Only the person who posted it can delete it.
11:53 Kasso: If someone hacked my account and posted it I can still delete it u idiot
11:58 Me: Ah. So you’re going with the “I was hacked” defense?
11:59 Kasso: Go suck a dick
12:05 Me: Have a pleasant afternoon, Mr. Kasso. I hope you find the hacker.

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