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Would George Washington call out the National Guard against the Tea Party?

Progressive Twitter gadfly and public employee union fan Brian Higgins seems to think so:

Brian T. Higgins

First, refresh your memory about the Whiskey Rebellion:

President George Washington issued a congressionally authorized proclamation ordering the rebels [resisting federal whiskey taxes in western Pennsylvania] to return home and calling for militia from four neighbouring states. After fruitless negotiations, Washington ordered some 13,000 troops into the area, but opposition melted away and no battle ensued. Troops occupied the region and some of the rebels were tried, but the two convicted of treason were later pardoned by the president.

Now ask yourself a few questions. Have the Tea Partiers burned down anybody’s home, as the Whiskey Rebellion did? Have the Tea Party activists committed any violent acts at all? Have they committed any crimes, period? Have they even left litter behind after their rallies? Do they deserve to be prosecuted for treason?

The answer to each question is obviously no.

20120612-084909.jpgSo why does Brian Higgins, who describes himself as a classified staffer for Ohio Attorney General Mike Dewine, think George Washington would call out the National Guard to suppress the Tea Party? The National Guard is the modern organized militia, after all. Could it be that Mr. Higgins simply despises his political opponents so intensely that he fantasizes about having them beaten into silence? A reasonable person could conclude as much from his statement.

Should he choose to retract, revise, or reiterate his opinion on the justification for suppressing the Tea Party through military force, I’ll update this post. If he drops his post down the memory hole, I’ll point that out too.

Your turn, Mr. Higgins.