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What progressivism leads to

Modern “progressives” are just utopian statists wrapped in warm fuzzy language and feel-good slogans. Utopian statism leads to this:

Lest you think this is all theoretical opposition on my part, allow me to refute that notion right now. My parents, uncles, aunts, and grandparents are refugees from the Soviet invasion of Estonia and Latvia in 1944.  Had they not escaped in time, many of them would have been deported to Siberia — or worse.  My father’s earliest memory involves being helped onto the very last German troop transport ship fleeing the capital city of Tallinn on his 4th birthday, and being given a precious gift of a piece of candy by a German soldier.  That was September 22nd, 1944.  Members of my family who couldn’t leave in time did wind up disappearing into the Gulag Archipelago in Siberia. Brutally warring communists and nazis — utopian statists all — very nearly got my father killed at age 4.

I will resist progressives, their agenda, and their lethally foolish theories until the day I die.