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Operation Baghdad Pups needs $60k by June 1

Over in Iraq, U.S. troops’ pets need your help before time runs out! SPCA International’s (SPCAI) Operation Baghdad Pups Program needs to rescue 24 animals from war zones overseas by June 1st.

Due to the extreme Middle Eastern heat, air travel becomes unsafe for animals and all airlines place an embargo on animal travel, which remains in effect until October 1st. If SPCAI cannot rescue these animals before June 1st, many of their soldiers will be forced to leave their animal companions behind to certain death. Your donation will help provide these patriot pets with travel crates, vaccinations, and transportation from the Middle East all the way to the soldier’s home in the U.S. The cost of saving these animals is great -– but cannot be compared to the comfort and companionship these animals bring to our troops.

Click on the banner above to find out more, and then chip in your movie ticket money for April. The troops — and their four-legged friends stuck in Iraq — will never forget your kindness.