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The Occupy movement vs. the police

Chief of Police Joel Shults of Adams State College has a point.

The Occupy movement was met with great restraint by political leaders all over the country until push literally came to shove. And guess who got to do the shoving? That’s right — your friendly neighborhood armed government agents. Mayors and college presidents and governors have their private armies to do what begging, negotiating, and persuasion cannot — the police officer. Why don’t mayors send in a phalanx of social workers or public relations staff? How about the street cleaning guys or the city engineer’s office? Are the interns in the mail room so busy they can’t go down to the park and get some trespassers to move along? Or hey, get the firefighters — they have uniforms and everybody loves firefighters!

Why the police? One word: force. We have the license to hurt. Gosh, that sounds mean — and on video, it looks even meaner.

The thought process goes like this: person violates law, politician looks the other way, violator decides to continue to violate law, politician decides law should be enforced and warns violator, violator decides to continue to break law, politician orders police to enforce law, police confront violator, violator still breaks law, police exercise force to gain compliance, violator screams bloody murder, politician investigates cops for using force.

Since in all likelihood the Occupy movement will be back once the weather warms up and the Democrat Party needs their help ginning up the leftist base for the election, Chief Shults has an interesting idea for police caught in the middle.  Follow the link above to find out what it is.

Since the Occupy movement is joined at the hip with the labor movement, I find the whole situation darkly funny.  Police officers tend to be members of unions themselves.  Government employee unions are some of the most corrupt and dangerous organizations in the country, and now they’ll be cracking each other’s skulls while advancing “solidarity” and the re-election of their Democrat friends.