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KLM: the spammer’s airline of choice

KLM – Royal Dutch Airlines (or someone pretending to be them) routinely sends me spam. For some unknown reason, their ridiculously banal press releases keep arriving in my inbox, no matter how I strengthen & tweak my spam filters and blacklists. The one thing I refuse to do is click on the “unsubscribe” link in their e-mails. Why? Call it common sense.

By sending back a ‘remove me’ opt-out request you are confirming to the spammer that your address is live, you are confirming that you actually open and read spams, and that you follow the spammer’s instructions such as “click this to be removed”. You are the perfect candidate for more spam.

Bottom line: KLM is run by disreputable fools. Any company that sends unsolicited bulk commercial e-mail deserves all the bad P.R. it gets.

Hopefully this post will add one more data point to the search engine results, so that word will begin to spread: KLM sends spam.