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The financial wizardry of Sherrod Brown

I was just checking the latest posts over at Ace of Spades HQ and saw the following. Click it to zoom in:
Sherrod Brown advertises on conservative blog
My own senior U.S. Senator, the radically left-wing utopian Sherrod Brown, apparently thinks it’s a smart move to spend campaign funds on ads at conservative blogs. This genius has already shown that he’s supremely confident in his ability to spend your money better than you can, since he’s delighted to grow every conceivable government program or entitlement you can dream up (except for national defense, which he’d like to gut). Is it any surprise that he’s equally profligate when it comes to spreading around that sweet, sweet union cash?
Let me know when his challenger Josh Mandel starts buying ads on Democratic Underground, won’t you? I’ll try my best not to hold my breath while I wait.
Barack Obama and Sherrod Brown

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