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Finally, an app for Movable Type blogs (Updated)

Somebody went to the trouble of creating an iPhone app that allows you to add and edit posts on a blog running Movable Type. It’s called Movable Manager and I’m using it to type this post.
It looks extremely bare-bones basic at first blush, but I could be wrong. Frankly, finding it in the App Store was the only thing that stopped me from dumping Movable Type completely and switching over to WordPress.
MT has gotten more code-intensive since I started this blog in 2004, while WordPress has gotten more user-friendly. Since Six Apart sold the MT software rights to a Japanese company a year or so back, tech support for English-speaking users has gone downhill fast. Six Apart couldn’t be bothered to create a smart phone app for their software, but perhaps they were focusing their efforts on unloading the rights to MT and its shrinking market share before it became worthless. The new company hasn’t indicated any interest in an app for English-speaking smart phone users, so the “opportunity” fell to the free market.
That only one company made the effort (and that the app’s been in v1.0 since November 16th with minimal features) speaks volumes. Movable Manager gets one week to convince me that I’m mistaken.

1/24 Update: Guess what’s missing from Lifehacker’s list of suggested blogging platforms?