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McCain’s endorsement of Romney

There are many things I don’t get. Here’s one.
Mitt Romney and John McCain
Mitt Romney is Obama’s dream opponent. He’s a moderate, a squish, a watered-down statist, a Democrat Lite™. So why would voters elect an imitation leftist when they can have an authentic Marxist who’d like four more years to destroy the republic? If we’re all forced to choose between driving off a cliff with the cruise control set, or launching into the abyss at top speed, the people egging on the drivers will choose the daredevil. Those of us who want to hit the brakes aren’t going to work very hard for the wuss who wants us all to sit politely as we coast into oblivion.
We’re not interested in playing by someone else’s rigged rules. If the Republican Party establishment sticks us with Romney, we’ll change the rules to our advantage. They should remember one word, and tremble.