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Can a Movable Type blog be converted to WordPress?

The effort involved in coding this MT-based blog has become too labor-intensive, and the support available from Movable Type since its acquisition by the Japanese company Infocom has gotten borderline unintelligible.
The blogging platform produced by WordPress is much easier to use and maintain, and its community of code geeks and site designers is much bigger and actually speaks English. Using their work and plugging it into a web site running WordPress is ridiculously easy, and eliminates the need to reinvent the wheel.
The main obstacle holding me back is my inability to figure out how to export all of my data from Movable Type v5.12 into whatever format will allow me to import it into WordPress v3.2.1 (the current “new” version of the software). This is getting to be as aggravating as deciphering the instructions on a circa-1987 Sony VCR.
If someone out there has figured out a way to do this, please point me in the right direction.