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Why vote “yes” on Ohio’s Issue 2?

Government employee unions are inherently corrupt, and they don’t care that cities across Ohio are going broke under the weight of pensions and health care expenses demanded by fat cat union bosses. Don’t fall for the myths they spread about the supposed evils of Issue 2. Don’t accept their dishonest scare tactics blindly and emotionally without thinking it all the way through.
Here are five good reasons to vote yes in tomorrow’s election:

  1. Strengthening Communities
  2. Safer Neighborhoods
  3. Rewarding Our Best Teachers
  4. Giving Teachers a Choice
  5. Restoring Power to Taxpayers

If Issue 2 fails to pass, you’re going to feel it in your wallet (an average of $6150 for each Ohioan), and you’re going to see it in layoffs of police, firemen, EMS crews, and teachers (because without Issue 2, cities cannot afford to employ them all).

As you head to the polls tomorrow, just keep in mind who the fat cat union bosses stand with: the mobs of Occupy Wall Street. They’re all on the same team, they’re led by unabashed radicals, and they don’t care one bit about individual cops, firemen, paramedics, teachers … or you.
Vote “yes” on Issue 2.