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Should women be allowed to serve in ground combat? (Updated)

You tell me:

In every category necessary for the endurance of direct ground combat, women are behind men. They rank behind men in every category by large margins except in lower body strength, where they are the least behind.

Combat involves physical strength, proper mindset, physical skills, aerobic capability, sharp vision and a killer instinct. … I personally just want the Feminists to agree that they value women as much as they say they do, because putting them in places that they are even more likely to be violently killed, subject to capture, torture, rape by our enemies, or mostly for not thinking that women are above the day to day drudgery of life not only in an infantry unit in extended ground combat, but the drudgery of the job while not deployed seems to me to be a bit in conflict with the idea of honoring them and their abilities. The idea that women belong in units in the military that participate in direct ground combat makes about as much sense as allowing me into the Feminist Studies Program at Bryn Mawr.

idiotThink. Don’t emote. The military exists to kill America’s enemies and break their stuff. It does not exist to provide you a career, enhance women’s rights, improve society, achieve social justice, counteract sexist stereotypes, pay for your college tuition, or any of a million other progressive pipe dreams. The military’s reason for being is to violently kill people. It’s an ugly fact, but it’s no less true because it’s ugly.
Men and women are inherently different physically, mentally, and emotionally. In every relevant respect men are better suited for combat, and especially so for ground combat. If that offends you, I don’t care. Don’t cry to me. Facts are often unpleasant and unyielding things, so cry to God (or if you’re an atheist, cry to nature) to assuage your emotional pain. I am not out to offend you or anyone else. I am out to ensure America’s military remains the most powerful and respected force on Earth, the force that gives you the protection and comfort you enjoy (and take for granted) today.
Without America’s military, you’d have no leisure time to ponder the social justice implications of banning women from combat. You’d be a slave to a totalitarian government not of your choosing, a government utterly contemptuous of your needs and wants, much less your easily-bruised ego.
Save your social experimentation for arenas that don’t revolve around violent death. Go fiddle with the diversity statistics at your local community college, and stop undermining the only shield between you and the barbarians. Construct whatever mental delusion or flimsy rationalization you must, but find a way to cocoon your delicate ego and find any other part of society to tinker with.
A nation that weakens its military by removing all barriers to women serving in combat is asking to be attacked an defeated.
P.S. — If you want me to entertain your foolish ideas about women in ground combat without laughing in your face, do something first: change the law so that all young women are subject to the military draft just like all men. Once women bear equal responsibility and duty with men, then they can begin to talk about their alleged entitlement to equal goodies.

Nov. 22nd Update:
Consider this.

I only need two points to tell you why it’s a terrible idea:
A) Sanitary Issues: on a 30 day field exercise, I’ll let you guess which gender usually gets the free trip back to the rear for a shower. out on some COP in the middle of nowhere Afghanistan, such a luxury isn’t available, even if it was, a 12 man outpost is now at almost 90% combat effectiveness (which aside from casualties would be a big no-no) unless someone is flown in to replace that female while she takes a week off because of feminine hygiene issues. It would come down to mandating women in the infantry to take either birth control or some other supplement that would greatly reduce menstrual cycle activity, and I suspect the type of women who want to be in the infantry are the same type who don’t want others to have a say about their body in this regard.
B) EO/SAPR: The Army will be politically correct until the day it dies, and women in the infantry won’t change it. All it will take is a few women trying to get out of bad assignments to mar the whole system. Same COP scenario: the female soldier claims rape. Regardless of the truthfulness of the claim, we now have to take that WHOLE COP off the line to investigate, thus screwing up a lot of gears in motion, in the middle of a conflict. EO complaints are easy to deal with on a big FOB or back on garrison, but out on the front lines it’s a little hard. All it would take would be some congressman going “PFC so-in-so’s family wrote me a disturbing letter relaying how she is harassed on a daily basis and when she went to get help her Platoon Sergeant told her to suck-it-up and be a man because that’s why she joined the infantry”. Game Over.

Or consider this. Or this. Or this.