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Americans detained by their military on U.S. soil?

Let’s take a quick look at §1031, §1032, and §1033 of S.1867 (official text here). These are the three sections of the Senate’s version of the 2012 Defense Authorization Act that deal with military detention of terrorists. This bill is causing the ACLU to blow a gasket, and their wild-eyed predictions of Constitution-shredding doom have ignited e-mail inboxes nationwide.
This is the proposed text as it stands today. All highlighting is mine. The parts that sound scary (at first) are in yellow. The parts that should calm you down are in green. The parts that the ACLU and its radical friends are actually upset about are in blue.

Distrust of government is healthy. Here’s something else that’s healthy: distrust of frantic ACLU 5-alarm e-mails about proposed legislation that hasn’t even left the Senate.
12/2 Update: The bill passed. The text has not changed, as far as I can tell.