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Occupy Wall Street: kill the bourgeosie

The Democrat base echoes this guy’s call: “Long live socialism.”

Oh, and long live bestiality, too.

This is the modern Democrat Party. These degenerates actively hate the middle class, though they claim to love them. The middle class is the evil “bourgeoisie” of 21st Century America, where the lion’s share of income goes.

This is your “Occupy Wall Street” movement, my progressive friends. You must be bursting with pride. Or with, um, something else.
The Democratic Party
Don’t believe me? Listen to the Chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee:

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Listen to Senator Sherrod Brown (D-OH):

If you vote for Democrats, you get results like this and this and this. It’s not just Los Angeles & New York, either. Look what crawled out from under the slime in Cincinnati:

Occupy Philadelphia yielded communist tools like these: