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The non-recovery recovery

That red line is the Pelosi-Obama-Reid Recession. This is what you get when you look to federal government spending stimulus “jobs bills” and regulation to rescue the economy from a recession that the federal government caused. Click the image to see it at full size.
Pelosi-Obama-Reid recession

It never works. It can’t work. As long as you keep sending the same advocates of big government to Washington, DC, you’ll keep getting the same result. These people — these statists — will lie and cheat and steal to stay in power. Their forecasts are wild-eyed fantasies. Do something about it. Boot them from office and reclaim your liberty and prosperity.
Or just ignore reality as it beats you over the head, and try the same failed ideas for the thousandth time.

9/23 Update: Here’s the same data, aligned at the point of maximum job losses.
The Pelosi-Obama-Reid economy