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Stupid leftist flag flap of the day (Updated)

Oh no! Congressman Allen West sullied the American Flag and violated federal law by going on a scuba dive with Old Glory!

Allen West dives with American Flag   Allen West dives with American Flag

Golly, it sure is awful to see a retired U.S. Army Lieutenant Colonel behave so scandalously towards the flag. Surely no honorable military member would do such a thing, right?

Well, the U.S. Navy takes Old Glory under. Look at this recruiting site:
Navy diver with American flag
The Navy also conducts re-enlistments underwater, complete with the American Flag:
Underwater re-enlistment
So does the Army:
Underwater re-enlistment
Yes, the Army:
Underwater re-enlistment
So does the Air Force:
Underwater re-enlistment
The Coast Guard even paints one special buoy in Old Glory’s colors and — *gasp* — puts it in the water:
Francis Scott Key buoy
So I suppose it matters what you’re doing with the flag when you let it touch the water, doesn’t it? Can we stop the stupidity now, Mr. Hendley?

6/17/2011 Update: Perhaps the lefties are just jealous because their attitude toward the flag tends to be, um, somewhat less conventional?
Bill Ayers

Matthis Chiroux burning the American flag