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Google vs. Ann Althouse, Patterico, and … ?

nitecruzrFirst Ann Althouse got her Blogger account deleted “for spamming.” Then fellow conservative blogger Patrick “Patterico” Frey piped up, criticized the responsible Google volunteer/moderator/petty-egotist-and-general-jerkwad Chuck “nitecruzr” Croll and coincidentally found his GMail account suspended for “spamming.” Then at least six other GMail-using critics of Chuck Croll’s jackassery also felt the wrath of Google’s mighty banhammer … but only coincidentally. Google, its executives, its employees, and its volunteers are very open-minded folks. Pay no attention to their political campaign contributions, 98% of which went to one party in 2004, and 83% to that same party in 2010.
Uh, pardon me if I don’t jump on the Google Chromebook bandwagon. The thought of trusting much personal or business information to Google already made me uneasy to begin with. Then word got out about Google’s use of text-reading software to read GMail users’ e-mails and present them with “more relevant” ads. Now, any volunteer with sufficient authority granted by Google — and an axe to grind — can apparently decide to delete your account and cover their own butt by labeling you a “suspected spammer.”
“Don’t be evil” turns out to be a rather nuanced code of conduct.
Meanwhile, Professor Althouse’s enthusiasm for Google’s free Blogger platform is dropping fast. Funny how that happens.