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Urgent help needed for 2 Baghdad Pups

This just hit my inbox:

Dear Alo,

We only have 4 days to save them…

Raka and Woody were specially trained and sent to Iraq for one reason: To save lives, even if it meant losing their own. They’ve sniffed-out explosives, stopped terrorists, and faced life-threatening danger daily. They are heroes!

And now they need you to do something heroic for them. Raka and Woody need you to get them out of Iraq on November 1st.

They were retired from active duty this past year, and now these sweet yellow labs are confined to a tiny kennel space every hour of every day. It will take your generous contribution to free them.

The Operation Baghdad Pups team is in Iraq right now on a rescue mission. They are flying back to the U.S. on November 1st. But to bring Raka and Woody with them, I desperately need your help.

Will you donate to save Raka and Woody right now?

For their heroic service, they deserve to live the rest of their lives in loving homes, not in small cages with little human companionship. Please help me save them right away.

With heartfelt gratitude,

JD Winston
Executive Director
P.S. Raka and Woody have only one chance to escape their cages in Iraq and come home. It’s on November 1st. PLEASE GIVE TODAY!