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Sherrod Brown to Dems: “Hey, let’s run on Obamacare”

I wonder if Senator Brown’s successor in the U.S. House, Betty Sutton, will take his advice and run on Obamacare, the GM bailout, the Chrysler bailout, the government takeover of the student loan industry, and the rest of the Democrat Party record? Or will she continue to flail around and dishonestly sling mud?
Click any of these memory-jogging graphics for more information on that Democrat record that Sherrod Brown’s so proud of:
unemployed over 26 weeks as of June 2010
scary chart

Employment-Population ratio from 2000-2010
unemployment under Betty Sutton
Cash for Clunkers
federal spending
Betty Sutton
Thumbnail image for Homeowner Affordability and Stability Plan
If I were a betting man, I’d wager that Betty Sutton’s going to keep talking about anything but her record. She’d better flog her October Surprise, though. Just in case.