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Progressives trash everything, conservatives clean up

You can learn a lot about people’s character by how they treat public property. Take a look at what was left behind at the World War II Memorial on the National Mall after Saturday’s “One Nation” radical rally for socialists/communists/unions/Democrats (aka Left-a-palooza):

Here’s a look at another part of the National Mall after the filthy moonbats left:

Was that an exception to the rule? Here’s the same area after Barack Obama’s inauguration in 2009:

Here’s how conservatives left the National Mall after the “Restoring Honor” rally organized by Glenn Beck this past August 28th:

Here’s how conservatives left the same area after the 9/12/2010 rally:

Now, if the kooks at Left-a-palooza had drawn a crowd larger than Glenn Beck’s, the heaps of trash left behind might have been slightly less offensive and slightly more understandable. Unfortunately …
Crowd comparison: Glenn Beck vs. One Nation
Draw your own conclusions.