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Lucky the Dog needs your help

This e-mail from the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals International just hit my inbox. If Jason must leave Lucky behind, the Iraqi government will shoot or poison her.

Lucky the DogGreetings from Iraq,
I am TSgt. Jason Krivda – Lucky the dog calls me Dad.
Many of you have already donated to help rescue Lucky – and I cannot express how grateful I am for your generous support. But, we need everyone’s help to save Lucky. Lucky means so much to me and my unit here in Iraq – she is our protector, our only source of comfort, and a member of our family. Please, if you haven’t already donated – donate now to bring Lucky home.
We’ve posted three videos of Lucky on so you can see Lucky’s silly antics. They show Lucky doing her everyday activities – playing with us, after our morning run, and in the office protecting us. I hope you enjoy them.
After watching the videos, I hope you will donate as much as you can to help us bring our lovable, deserving dog home. Could you please forward the video link to your friends and family and encourage them to help Lucky too?
I could not bear to leave Lucky behind, but I can only get her home with your help and we don’t have much time left. Please help us save her right now.
God Bless America,
Jason Krivda
U.S. Air Force Technical Sergeant

Please donate whatever you can afford. Lucky and other dogs like her not only boost our troops’ morale and keep them company; sometimes they save their lives.