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Will Betty Sutton oppose Obama’s terrorist stimulus? (Updated)

Look, Congresswoman Sutton, I know you’re not exactly renowned for your fiscal discipline, but can you at least muster an objection to giving a $400,000,000 terrorist stimulus package to Hamas?

The United States will contribute $400 million in development aid to the Palestinian territories and work with Israel to loosen its embargo on Gaza, President Barack Obama said Wednesday.

Surely there are better things to do with taxpayer money:

Let me get this straight. Our economy has cratered. Unemployment is nearly 10 percent. The national debt is expected to exceed our gross national product by next year. And we’re giving $400,000,000 to our mortal enemies in Gaza?
$400,000,000 to the Hamas-led death cult allied with Iran and Syria? $400,000,000 to the people who celebrated the destruction of the twin towers? $400,000,000 to rain thousands more rockets upon Israeli women and children?
The Right, the Left and everyone in between needs to raise hell. This. Cannot. Happen.

Consider it a throwaway gesture of self-preservation goodwill towards your bitter, gun- and Bible-clinging constituents in an election year. Your radical progressive “populist” base will forgive you for throwing a bone to those nutty right-wing kooks who hold to the quaint notion that we shouldn’t fund terrorism man-caused disasters with their money.

12:20 PM Update: Welcome, Sutton staffers! Nice to see you’re awake.