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A few requests for Tom Ganley

Iceberg aheadFirst, please schedule some campaign events. Your calendar’s empty. If you really want our votes here in Ohio’s 13th District, you’ll have to earn them.
Second, you’ve got a serious Cash for Clunkers problem that you need to solve. Soon.
Third, you also need to take away Betty Sutton’s helpless-victim-of-misogyny card. She’s cashing in on it.
Fourth, how do you plan to address Betty Sutton’s award from the Ohio Automobile Dealers Association?
Fifth, how will you respond to accusations that your business practices are less-than-ethical?
Sixth, if you truly oppose Obamacare (although your current position isn’t clear), and if you want to set yourself apart from Betty Sutton, click on this logo …

Repeal It!

… and sign the pledge.
Time to adjust course, Tom.

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