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Betty Sutton loses The Morning Journal’s endorsement

That’s gotta sting:

Sutton received our endorsement in 2008 among a lackluster field of challengers. But her subsequent participation in the liberal Democratic train wreck now bankrupting the nation and bloating the size of the federal government must be stopped in the November election.

[Republican challenger Tom] Ganley hates wasting money, especially the way President Obama and Democrats in Congress including Sutton are throwing it around. Ganley foresees the high cost of Obamacare destroying small businesses.
Ganley is correct when he argues that it’s time to replace lawyer lawmakers such as Sutton, who love spending other people’s money, with businessmen like himself who spent their lives making money and producing jobs.

America needs to take Congress back from the wrecking crew there now. Our support, and endorsement, goes to Tom Ganley in the May 4 Republican primary, and we look forward to his victory in the Nov. 2 general election for Ohio’s 13th Congressional District.

Are the long knives out for Betty?